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Portion size

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    I am just wondering will I know when I am at the correct restriction by my portion size. I have 8.5ml now in my band which holds 14ml. I am able to still eat quite large portions before I feel satisfied. Any advice on meals and protein tips greatly appreciated also. Thanks



    I would suggest you stop dishing up “Large Portions” for a start.

    Try limiting your portion size to what you can fit on a saucer or tea plate for starters.

    If its on your plate you will try to eat it, even if you end up getting it stuck and having to bring the whole lot up again.

    Portion control is half the battle in WLS.

    Sorry to be so blunt but sometimes we all need to be reminded WLS is only a tool and we need to be skilled craftsmen & women to use our tools 🙂 correctly.



    Yes I think I have to break the habit of dishing up big meals. I have started to use a bowl and the portion is smaller but does not look tiny. I feel some days I can eat more then others. I don’t know what size portion I should be satisfied with!


    That’s why it’s best to use a small bowl or plate, that will limit the amount you can dish up, that way if you do manage to eat it all because for example it was all soft food and was what is described as a slider food you would not have eaten too much, because the portion size limit has controlled your consumption rather than the band limited pouch getting full and telling you to stop, once you are full onto harder to digest foods that’s when the pouch will start to really work as it will hold food for much longer and that will very quickly tell you when enough is enough.

    Give it a try I bet you surprise yourself how easy it is to work with your band once you stop working around it.

    Also along with the small plate or bowl try to use a small spoon or fork so that it limits the amount per mouthful and remember to chew it well as it’s reckoned its the chewing action that tells the brain you have eaten, soft foods that you don’t need to chew do not send that signal to the brain.

    Hope this has been of help.



    Bariatric Portion Plate and

    Not cheap but absolutely brilliant. I use mine every day.

    Everything Paul said is right. Wls is a tool: if it gets blunt then sharpen it 😉

    Doodah x

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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