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    Hi all,

    Just wanted to share my experience with you all. I’m nearly 3 years post op and I’m pretty good at managing day to day life with my bypass. I plan ahead and usually make good choices.

    Unfortunately today threw me a curved ball. I was supposed to be working at home but I had IT problems. I was also committed to taking my mum to an important appointment in the middle of the day but had deadlines to meet at work. So I dashed into the office at 8am and stayed till 10. Then came away for a few hours then went back to work. By about 3pm I was wondering why I felt so awful and assumed it was just the stress of the day. Actually I’d forgotten to eat, apart from a satsuma which I’d grabbed while sprinting out the house. It sounds like madness as I write and I felt a fool.

    These days I’m used to food not being the be all and end all of my life but I realise now how important it is to make sure I always have something suitable to hand. Where i work there is no nearby healthy option (choice between a vending machine full of crisps and chocolate or a KFC). Fortunately I was able to take 20 minutes to drive to a supermarket to get some chicken and yoghurt. I also bought some nuts to keep in my desk drawer in case I have another day like today. Lesson learned.

    Chris x


    Chris, thank you SO much for sharing this experience so candidly.

    I know it is drummed into every one of us that we must keep hydrated and are encouraged to always have a bottle of water handy, but you have highlighted just how important it is to keep snacks on us to cover every eventuality.

    I am almost nine years out and can still get caught off guard. My go-to is a decaf half-fat latte. I always have some nuts with me too. Not exactly ideal but at least it isn’t full of chemicals and other ‘nasties’! My aunt was a diabetic and taught me to always have something to eat in my bag as she used to take extra sugar lumps in case she had a hypo. I wish I liked dried fruits like raisins, currants etc as they are good too (bypassers need to be careful of natural sugars though.)

    You are obviously still working really hard with your wls tool, Chris. I take my hat off to you 😉

    Doodah x

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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