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phlegm getting food stuck

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    Hi Guys

    I had this problem before and it’s happened again when I eat the main meal it seems to get obstructed by phlegm and makes me sick mainly bring that up but some food as well.

    I seem to be forever blowing my nose to prevent it running down my tubes but I seem to still create quite a bit.

    Tonight was my biggest meal ive tried since monday op day and as they only did port & tubing I didnt have to go back to slop or soft just carry on with normal food, but tonight ive been sick several time mainly bringing phlegm & bile up.

    Has anyone or does anyone else suffer with this as the reaching has made my wound very tender tonight. Or i’ve had no warning & it’s there in my mouth. not nice sorry to be so graphic guys.



    I have that Cazza, but only when I’ve eaten something too quickly or too much or something that doesn’t agree with my band, remember you should only be eating a portion no bigger than a ramekin dish, if it hurts your wound I’d eat safe and sloopy food at the moment that you know will go down or you will end up opening up the wound.

    Nettie xx


    Hi cazza

    I had that in the early days a few times when I ate too much or too quickly . But now I learnt to slow down and it’s not happened since .

    Hope that helps

    Katherine , x

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    Thanks girls just got to re educate myself again as well


    That’s the worst bit isn’t it? xx


    It’s called ‘frothing’ and is caused by eating too quickly. It’s over production of saliva. It’s gross isn’t it? It was, without doubt, the worst thing to deal with for me personally. Utterly grim. Eating slowly and chewing the food to within an inch of it’s life should sort it out xx

    Doodah x


    Hi Cazza – ive not been on here for best part of a year – but getting back in to it now as I feel a bit more positive.
    However your problems with the leak make me wonder…… Did you find out why your band leaked and if it was due to ‘needle misses’ as I often get punctured to within an inch of my life and the consultant regularly gets the needle stuck in something..? and has to yank it out. I worry that this will cause a leak and maybe already has as I find restriction the first few days after a fill much better and by the time two weeks after – im also back to where I was.
    I hope you are sorted now – I sympathise as I had a fill today and find I have to sip extremely slowly for liquid & had problems eating soup as you described above.
    Paula :o)


    Hi Paula
    It was the port and the tubing and on a form it said due to needles as the nurse that does it always struggles and quite often uses at least a couple of needle and several attempts one fill she used 3 needles tried 9 times before calling a surgeon down to fill it. Quite often I could feel it bouncing off of the rim of the port it’s only been her that has the problem the surgeons get it straight in. Like yourself i would be ok for a day or 2 then nothing when I had a baruim swollow the leak didnt even show up on that so it might be worth you speaking to the hospital about it.



    Hi Cazza,

    When i eat and feel nothing is going down due to band being tight i have sipped on hot/warmish water, before I eat, and I find not only can I eat but I do not get the stuck feeling! Sometime I am told the band can go in to spasm and that we need to calm it so hot/warmish water helps. I find that in the morning my band is tight, so I just sip on hot/warm water, and then have a cuppa. At 10:30 I then try and have some breakfast, my band is much better at receiving food. I will then sip on water and before lunch will then have some hot/warm water, and wait 10 mins before eating my lunch. This has helped greatly to ensure that I am eating as the band always feels tight during the day but not in the evening – not sure why this is – if anyone knows let me know.

    But I have realised that eating slow and enjoying the food is the way to go, especially so that the band and you work together.



    Fantastic advice! Thanks so much for sharing this RHD. :-))

    Doodah x

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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