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Pain in left side and feeling depressed

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    Am feeling really disheartened. I am 5 weeks post op. I have been on holiday for a week, and apart from the fact that it rained the whole time I also ate not especially healthily.

    Also a couple of weeks ago I Bent down and something went wrong. Not sure what happened but now I have a severe sharp pain in my left side roughly level with my tummy button. It is a lot worse when I laugh or with certain movements. Having been away, and unhappy to acknowledge a problem I ignored it but plan to call on Monday but wondered if anyone had any ideas as to what could be the cause. As far as I can see the following things could go wrong

    1) the band has slipped -but seems to low
    2) There is a problem with Port – where is that, I can’t feel it?
    3) The hernia I had fixed had split.

    Either way, am in pain and very discouraged. Hoping this pain can be resolved and a fill in a couple of weeks will start to make this feel ‘real’ as right now it feels as if I’ve had nothing done.



    I doubt the band has slipped as it is stitched into place to stop it slipping.

    The port will be under the largest of your scars.

    Can’t comment on the hernia repair but it is possible that something went wrong but un likely.

    You do need to speak to your team though, just to be sure and safe.



    Hi Patsy. Sorry your holiday was quite literally a washout.

    Please contact your GP as soon as you can so that a comprehensive diagnosis of the problem can be made. There’s no point in trying to guess and it will waste time. Things could get worse if you don’t address immediately.

    Please let us know how you get on and good luck that you are comfortable again soon.

    Doodah x

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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