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    miss missy

    by the way they repaired a hiatus hernia when they did my op.xxxxx


    I am eating pureed stuff like chicken and mince for my protein and adding a little mash and gravy to it, i have bought tins of bolognese, hot pots, i got the princes make and they arent too bad, i would normally cook but i cant stand too long at the moment coz of the pain and these i can open and puree and put in the fridge and i am full after a few mouthfuls, i am also having porridge, yoghurts, jellies, soups, even a soggy rich tea biscuit in my cup of tea lol, right now i am just really off the pureed veg lol…..its not going to bad and i am trying not to weigh myself all the time so hubby has banished scales from bathroom until evey monday morning ๐Ÿ™‚



    I can’t speak for everyone, but all five on my ward that had the bypass all had injections. However they were so tiny and the needles were so thin it was really easy once I got the first one done with and I hate injections, I even have fillings done at the dentist without them!! Hope this helps. Pompeydoll you seem to be doing fine. xx

    miss missy

    you sound just like me.feeling better and better every day.i have no pain today.still cant bend though.think i could manage the hoover but will let the kids do it for a little longer cos when im complty better itll all be dowm to me sound like your having a better variety of food than i am.dont think im getting enough protein.might give the dietician a you just do plain chicken with the veg and purree it down?how are you cooking the chicken?much love.xxxxxxxx


    Think I might have narrowed it down what is causing the burning since bypass (twice now). I do remember last time it happened, I had taken my Forceval multi vit and within about half an hour it started. Well, today, been a busy bee and although I had breakfast, I landed up missing lunch although I was drinking loads and then took the Forceval about an hour ago. Lo and behold, my stomach feels a bit “not right” again. I’m now wondering if it’s these that are causing it. It does say to not take on an empty stomach! I’m now drinking loads of milk in the hopes it will knock it on the head otherwise I’ll be going without dinner again today. Hopefully a lesson learned and not caused by my bag of crisps I had last time lmao p.s. not had a bag since that time.


    Have you got hold of the Bariactrric Nurses??? Or gone to your GP asking for a different multi-vitamins??


    No I’ve not as it only happened for the 2nd time since bypass a couple of hours ago (loads of times pre surgery). Never did know what caused it before surgery. Gonna def try to avoid taking the multi vit withought eating though! I will def mention it next time I’m up at the hospital though.


    Hi everyone,
    I’m one week post op, have lost 1 stone since the start of the milk diet and I’m feeling good. Going for a walk every day. Was taken to Tesco’s yesterday! Really pleased with how well the op has gone and how little pain I’ve experienced. The team at St Richards and Mr Slater are fantastic professionals. They do seem to have removed a large portion of my brain st the same time but that’s probably down to all the drugs. The only problem I’m experiencing is daily headaches and slight nausea. I am a migraine sufferer so its a bit like mild migraines. Has anybody else experienced this? This forum is great and you have all helped me in preparing for this operation. Thank you all.


    It could still be the effects of the general anaesthetic – I had the same. Also being slightly dehydrated could cause headaches so make sure youre drinking as much as you can ๐Ÿ™‚


    Thanks Jaysee, You could be right about the anaesthetic. I was aware about headaches and dehydration so I am drinking as much as I can.

    sonia kidman

    Hi Peewit
    Glad to hear your doing well,Its great news you have lost a stone.
    Sorry to hear you are still having headaches I have got real bad backache but I have seen that others have also had that after surgery.
    How did you fine walking around Tesco’s and seeing all that food made me feel quite sick.
    Take Care,Hope to chat soon
    Sonia x


    Hi Sonia,
    I was fine in Tesco. Didn’t think of it as food just shopping. Send me your phone number by private mail and I’ll call you to compare notes. I think the backache is to do with the air they used to blow us up during surgery. I am now doing two short walks a day – about 20 mins each but I do get very tired and need to have a nap during the day. Fortunately they are getting shorter. Headache is a bit better today so its all progress. Speak to you soon. Love Patsy


    Hi all, I’m glad to announce that I am finally not empty retching anymore and can finally breathe again and also am now able to drink and “eat” my liquids without the excruciating pain in my pouch.
    I have a few quick questions.
    I’m having a lot of “stitch” pain around two of my stitches on my right side which is uncomfortable most of the day and night. does anyone know how long this can take to go away? ( I am a week post op ) I also developed a thing where my calf muscles feel like theyre going to go into spasm everytime I move my legs this is a 24/7 thing. I haven’t got a spasm yet because I’m able to hold it off my stretching my calf really fast. but it’s a big problem because I’m walking on my heels at the pace of a snail haha. has anyone heard of this or know what it could be?
    and my last thing is. I’m now drinking liquids but I can drink a pint size glass in under 4 mins and I never feel full from it. also I have my sloppy porridge or sloppy weetabix and am also having the same problem I’m following the portions I’ve been given but even at one weetabix I still feel that I could eat another one? even though I’m never hungry. it’s not really a problem tbh it’s more of a worry that I’m not getting the full feeling. is this how it’s supposed to work when your just on liquids?
    Lily x ๐Ÿ™‚


    okay scratch the title lol that really wasn’t a quick question ๐Ÿ˜› I talk way to much! sorry!
    lily ๐Ÿ˜› x

    Sally Bailey

    Hi Lily

    Have you had a band or bypass?

    1 week post op you will still be hit and miss until eveything settles down internally (swelling etc.) Try not to gulp water down so fast – sipping constantly is better. It will help you to remember to eat slowly when you get onto solid food. Maybe you should get in touch with your hospital? They will reassure you of all the things you mention. Don’t worry they will have heard it all before! Hope you get things sorted Lily. Oh and there’s nothing wrong with being a chatterbox – I’ve been one my whole life!!

    Sally x

Viewing 15 posts - 106 through 120 (of 155 total)
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