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    Hi Robbo

    What a fantastic story . Shaw Somers and Guy Slater are definite superheros (no to mention the anaesthetists ) Welcome to the site

    I had a few headaches in the weeks post op but I’m pretty sure that was due to not drinking enough – something I really struggled with at first . Now 7 months down the line and nearly 6 stone lighter I still have my drinks bottle at hand at all times to make sure I get enough fluid in .

    Here’s to a happy, healthy and lighter future



    Hi Robbo, welcome to the forum, was you by any chance the bus driver? You look familiar and I remember a series of Fat Doctor with a guy resembling yourself.

    So happy for you that you are now on the mend, lots of good times ahead to look forward to.

    Mr Somers done my op 4 days ago, I think he should be renamed GOD!

    Keep us all updated of your progress, we are a caring lot xxx ๐Ÿ™‚


    Hi and welcome Robbo. I know just how you feel Guy Slater did my RNY on 18 Feb 2010 without his help I would still be in my mobility scooter unable to walk because of the pain of artritus. Now not only can a walk a little but tomorrow Fri 11 June I am having my first knee replacement, having lost 6 stone.

    I feel like a totally different person, I am HAPPY! I am stable (emotionally) and I can’t wait to get my new joints and really be able to walk, run, swim, go horse riding the list is endless. I can live again.

    Welcome to the losers side and keep in touch with your progress.

    Bovrilbody = Ruth xxx


    Hi Ruth
    Good luck for your knee replacement tomorrow – my fingers will be crossed that it all goes really well.
    Love the new pic …. can’t believe you are the same person

    Let us know how the knee is when you are up to it

    Jan xx


    Thanks Jan – I must admit that I’m like a cat on hot bricks at the moment. I’m taking my lap top but don’t know if they will allow me to use it. I will be in touch as soon as possible though. No one recognised me at the meeting on Monday and they all agreed that I should update my picture so I’m just following orders – I’m getting good at that! lol

    love Ruth xxx


    Hi Robbo….. thats a fine fish…lol…
    So glad to have you on board and dwhat an inspiring introduction…
    Thank heavans they got you sorted, boy you have been through the mill recentley…

    Fingers crossed your over the worst and onto a good recovery and brighter lighter life ahead…

    Not sure I can help with the headaches other than dehydration.
    Never hurts to ask the team abd be sure to have your blood works done soon and regular….

    All the very best Buddy….

    Another loser amougst us… a guy too wahhoooooooo…

    Andy aka Buzz ( Bognor Regis)


    Hi again everyone, thanks for the responses to my questions. Buzz you old rogue, you must be a nightmare to go shopping with, the sort of person that lets one go in the lift just before you step off and the doors close on the poor unsuspecting occupants!
    Somehow I don’t think I have any trapped wind, well maybe I do and I don’t know it. I know that when Mr Somers said it could be constipation it created a horrible image in my mind!! Like just how far up would this constipation begin?!!! I think it very odd that I don’t have the pain so much when I have eaten, mainly when my tum is empty, maybe its collapsing in on itself and given up hope of being filled up! Maybe it is sulking at being deprived after all this time!
    I will give it a few more weeks to see if things improve, I am sure the healing process takes a while but without having a big scar on the outside as evidence I tend to forget just how much rearranging has been done to my internal plumbing.
    Mart, who had his op at the same time as me has got the same problem but worse because he keeps being sick too, he is going to wait a bit longer as well before opting for another poke around to investigate. I think we are a little reluctant to volunteer for any further invasions of our innards.
    Precious you sound as if you have really sped through this phase with relative ease, you are certainly coming across as bright and breezy, long may it continue for you. The gas thing should disipate in a few days but the bloating will last a bit longer I think. My stomach feels heavier now than before, probably because the weight is going from the outside in and the top down. I suppose the last bit to go will be the big bit in the middle! Typical! My husband says it feels heavier because there is less around it now to support it, strange notion that.
    Claire I will get myself some deflatine next time I am out and give it a go, as I don’t know if it is excess wind or not anything is worth a try. I really don’t wish to embarrass myself in public, even though I am sure it would amuse Buzz no end!


    LOL… I am repairing a whole saucepan of sprouts for the weekend…. let them fester then eat the cold….

    Anyone comming out to play????


    If it ever gets more than a niggly pain Sharon, make a phone call. Mart needs to make sure he goes onto slider foods and drink drink drink. Being sick dehydrates you…

    Where is Mart? Is he lurking in the shadows?

    We need more fellas on here….. Football needs discussing with someone who understands the off side rule LMAO……. ha ha ah…
    Andy (Buzz) gets a slap..


    Your so right Buzz …… I can’t get that off side rule through my brain, hubby has explained it so many times he has given up …. good thing is …. I understand it when there is a goal cos there is always someone cheering, it kinda gives the game away!!! Ha

    xxx ๐Ÿ™‚


    Buzz you keep those sprouts to yourself! and the nasty side effects!
    Mart doesn’t seem keen on the forum thing but I will mention it again. He seems to be a bit better this last day or so, hopefully it is settling down for him now. He’s a nice chap and really into his fishing too! Right up your alley Buzz. He fixes and refurbs reels too, so now you know who to go to.

    As for the footie, well, I have never understood the mentality of men, or women wanting to chase and inflated bladder around. That and the screaming and punching of the air when a goal is scored just makes me fear for the human race. No doubt I am in the minority though and should probably keep my views to myself!

    Kinky Bowel

    Hi Sharon

    Sorry to hear your having discomfort in the upper abdomen/chest area. I have had the same pain but only when I have eaten too fast or a little too much and the pain is excrutiating, it also hurts to breath when this happens and then the offending food usually ends up in the bottom of a bucket. Only other time I’ve had pain is when I have had too much wind and it has been trapped.
    I’ve only been constipated once since the GBS and that was in the second week post op. I switched from weetabix to branflakes (all be it soggy ones lol) but they did the job beautifully and helped with the trapped wind too lol. Apricot wheats is also good for constipation but again need to be left to soak up the milk and get soggy.
    I have had a fair amout of problems finding things that agree with me and stay down but I realised I was trying things way too early so went back to basics for a couple of days and then took things at a slower pace and tried a new things. It seems to be working.
    The protein issue can be a hard one but I try to have some protein in all my meals including snacks (except breakfast) which I try to include calcium too, so a typical snack for me might be melba toast with light philadelphia cheese and a very thin slice of ham or low fat humous or someone suggested those light dairylea dippers with the breadsticks, just right size for a snack :). Things seem to be falling into place for me at the moment after a rocky start but in all honesty I feel a lot better now than I did before my op. I have more energy and I can walk a little further before my back starts to hurt. I feel happier and more confident about going out and visiting family and friends too and no sign so far of any feelings of depression which was mentioned to me as a possible problem post op.
    Send me your email and i’ll send you some recipes for post op meals that I got from the nurse at my post op appt.
    I’ve made a beef casserole and a chicken curry from it so far and they have both been very tasty (and chicken doesn’t usually sit well with me since the GBS) and the rest of the family liked them too. I’m going to make the fish pie with haddock and king prawns and the pork and apple casserole next week ๐Ÿ™‚
    Congrats on the 45 lb loss my darlin, before you know it you wont recognise yourself in the mirror.
    Tell Martin that if he hasn’t already, to go see Mr Somers because pain and having sickness doesn’t sound good to me, brings back unpleasant memories of my kinky bowel after surgery (i’m not saying that is what’s wrong with Martin but he needs it checked out ASAP if he hasn’t already).
    Give him my love and tell him we are thinking of him. Andy and I keep wondering about him and how he is doing. If you can give him my email (click my user name and on my profile page is my email address) and if he wants to he can contact me through that. It would be lovely to hear from him.

    Take care
    Love Yvonne


    Hi Sharon,

    Sorry to hear your having problems, think its best you get it checked out with the team at chichester, i don’t think that pain should be there after 8 weeks, and congrats on the fab weight loss well done you, agree with you some recipe’s would be fab hint hint yvonne!!
    Hope your feeling better soon.
    Love Jacquie xxx


    I’m really struggling with my vitamins at the moment. I’m just over 2 weeks post bypass (the God-like Chris Pring at Chichester) and I really dread taking them in the mornings. I get a really tight painful feeling in my chest and the only way of relieving it is the embarrassingly noisy vomiting that inevitably follows. I’m then shattered for about an hour and presumably haven’t got the benefit of the vitamins (or fluids or breakfast) anyway, since they’re almost certainly down the pan.

    On the whole I have been doing really well and I’m sure this stage will pass, but I’d welcome any tips from anyone who’s been through the same thing, because it’s getting me down a bit at the moment.


    Hi singing,
    How are you taking your vits? Its hard to master sipping when taking tablets.
    Assuming they are the Sanatogen torpedos could you crust them in a little yoghurt?
    They taste awful crushing them up but at least you wont be gulping to hard, your pouch will be swollen and sore…
    I did go to chewable multi vits, not quite everything in them like sanatogen but sufficed for the first few weeks. Better something than nothing if your being ill…
    It was a struggle for me for a bit, but it does get easier as things heal…

    Try changing to taking them later in the day when you might not be as fragile…. late afternoon or evening works well. If not before you go to bed…

    Its important to keep trying, but not be in pain or making yourself sick…

    Good luck

    Buzz x


    Thanks Buzz for replying so quickly. I have bought every possible type of vitamin and have been comparing them. They all look like horse tranquillisers and are as bad as each other. I’ve been halving them, but as you say, it’s hard to sip when you just want to sluice them down. I will try crushing them in yoghurt tomorrow – excellent tip. I also find they repeat on me for about an hour afterwards – my 7 year old told me this morning that my constant burping was distracting her from her homework! Hope that one doesn’t make it back to her teacher!
    Because I have mostly felt so well, I think I’m a bit hard on myself when something goes wrong.
    Apparently you can buy a complete multi-vit and mineral supplement in liquid form from the US. Has anyone looked into that at all?
    Thanks again Buzz

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 155 total)
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