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    Has anyone suffered with leg cramps (especially during the night) after RNY Gastric Bypass? I have had a few and wondered if it was as a result of renewed gym activity. I am not short on fluids so do not think it is dehydration related.


    Sounds like a little restless leg syndrome……
    My legs fall asleep on me about an hour befoe my body…

    Might be worth checking with your GP if its playing up….

    Were a tad more delicate these days…

    Buzz xx


    This is spooky,
    I just had severe leg cramps yesterday for the first time and im 15 months post bypass
    I was in agony and could barly walk up the stairsand I walk 4 miles every day as part of my excersize routine.
    i DIDNT ASSOCIATE it with bypass as one of my friends said she gets severe leg cramps in her calves as part of her menpause symptoms
    gosh Im falling to bits lol!!!


    cramps in the legs at night are related to lots of things, exercise, lacking in potassium, poor circulation, take your pick lol, I guess its best to get it checked out 🙂


    low potassium can often cause leg cramps, maybe a good idea to get some bloods done to be sure. can be lots of causes, see your GP to be safe.

    Good luck.


    Many thanks everyone for your replies. Will see my doc after Easter to arrange for some blood samples to be taken. Will be interesting to see anyway how losing weight has affected other things too like cholesterol. Also want to see my Doc’s face – haven’t seen him since pre-op – he is certainly going to be surprised!


    Hi Carol, really hope those cramps disappear for you xx


    You’re a poppet Paris and if there is anything to report of help then be assured I will post it.


    Hi everyone, just wanted to know if anyone else has experienced pain/discomfort in the upper abdomen/chest region post op. The pain is not dire but enough to annoy, it feels as if everything is being pushed upwards into my chest and seems strangely more evident when I haven’t eaten!Sometimes if I sit suddenly it makes me gasp which makes me think things might be a bit swollen in there. I didn’t experience any of this in the first 3 weeks or so which is making me think it could be because of the healing process and everything tightening up?
    I did mention it to Mr Somers at my post op check and it was suggested it may be constipation! I am taking stuff to deal with that but the pain is still there. If anyone else knows what it could be or has experienced it and also knows how to deal with it I would appreciate some tips.
    Otherwise all is well, 45lb down to date, sometimes I hop on the scales and nothing will happen for days and then it will suddenly start moving again. Still finding it difficult to get enough protein in and obviously still on a road of discovery to find out what will go down and what is going to cause problems. Hunger is not an issue but I know I should eat at regular intervals, trouble is I forget! At other times even when I do remember it is too much effort to think of something to have that isn’t going to be a problem.
    Any tips and suggestions for quick, easy meals would be gratefully received. Does anyone else find the taste of certain foods has lost its appeal? Salty anything is disgusting now!


    I am having discomfort in the chest area, apparently due to the gas thats pumped into your stomach during the op, but I am only 4 days post op so its kind of expected, not sure how long the wind lasts. Sorry I am Not much help, still new to all this. Hope you get it sorted.

    Precious xx


    Ocasionally I will get an ache or pain in that area, more often when drinking cold drinks too quickly, and yes it can sometimes take your breath away.

    Otherwise healing internally takes time..

    Wind and having a trumpy butt will be one of the side effects of GBS I think…
    So we polute the atmosphere with copious ammounts of methane, best not trying holding it all in, your pop and that could be messy.

    I love toilet hunour, unfortunatley neither the wife or the dogs share my infatuation about trying for the longest record trumps….. I hate to think what I would bve like if I could still do fizz…… Just as well I cant….. lol…

    Funnies are when your shopping and cant hold back, you know the ones that just so happen to pop out each time you take a step….. poot poot poot…. try doing it without anyone noticing or feeling sorry for the next person who enters the area…

    I love trumping, the wind associated with GBS. I see it as another bonus… Makes me giggle…LOADS…


    PS. dont stand too close lol…..


    Hi sharon

    I get similar pains, for me it’s trapped wind and sometimes it can be really painful at times – I find deflatine really helps. If it’s something that continues though, you really should get it checked out. Hope you get some relief soon.



    Hi everybody l would like to thank you all for your postings, l found them so useful before and since my operation.
    l had my op last tuesday 2nd June , l had some bleeding but l am ok now, since the op l have had two migraines has anyone else had this or is it just me.

    l was filmed for the Fat Doctor series but my story was not finished as before l could have a gastric by-pass l needed open heart surgery to replace one of the valves, the doctors told me to lose weight ,l spent 2 years trying desparately to lose enough, all the time my health was getting so bad l had 6 mths to live, none of the doctors would operate it seemed hopeless, then Mr Shaw Somers stepped in and found a surgeon who would do the op to my heart which l had on 21st Jan ’10 it was a wonderful succsess, Mr Somers gave me time to recover and then gave me the gastric by-pass last week on the 2nd June ’10. l cant begin to explain my gratitude to Mr Somers, he is a very caring man and he has helped me all the way, in my eyes he has saved my life twice, how can you ever repay such kindness,THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES MR SOMERS.
    As l type this the tears are running down my face.

    Ms Ellie

    Hello Robbo welcome, so glad you have found us, what a lovely post and so glad that you are now on the road to recovery, Mr Somers came to your rescue, what a lovely man….

    No more sad tears mate, just happy tears please!!!

    Bless you and you take care


    Ms Jainney

    Hi Robbo

    Congrats on your successful surgery.

    just had my surgery with mr somers on the 7th june. This is your new start of your new life. No migraines post op. im only on my 4th day. Had migraines on the milk diet though the week before with all the detoxing

    you will now only get better!! take care and stay in touch with us

    x x x

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 155 total)
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