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    Toni Russo

    At Streamline Surgical we specialise in the two main operations-gastric band and gastric bypass. We accept that there are other operations and want other patients to feel welcome here. If you have had a sleeve gastrectomy, duodenal switch or Scopinaro, we still welcome your contributions.


    Had Duodenal Switch 30th april 2006 at kings college hospital, London. After re-gaining 4 and half stones i was offered a revision of my sleeve which was performed recently 6th December at the same hospital by the same surgeon. I am very much still in the early days of the revision but have lost over a stone so far.


    Hi [EMAIL=”K@tkins”]K@tkins[/EMAIL] and thanks for posting,
    I really dont know much about the sleeve only knowing one other who had it, it was not very successful and has be revised to a band…
    I am personnaly a bypasser who is a little over a year out, eating normally and a little concerned after Christmas and the festivities I too could regain if I loose control.
    Perhaps you can reveal a little more to help us understand where it might have gone wrong? If you dont mind sharing that is…

    Whats involved in your revision?

    Would really love to hear more and have you sharing your experiences…..

    Cheers and good luck

    Andy aka Buzz in Bognor


    Hi Buzz just wanted to tell you that i had a sleeve gastrectomy 9 months ago and i have lost 104lbs i have 15 more lbs to my goal and i am very happy with the results .I have friends who have had a bypass and they can eat so much more than me but i am so happy with the results so far good luck on your journey


    BLIMEY JACKIE THATS AWESOME, Waht wonderful success.
    Your obviously doing something right, and yes bypass I understand food intake increases over time, mine has, luckily I am maintaining a good healthy weight.
    So perhaps I need to look at sleeve as I do get asked and can only answer from my own experiences…. its good to know their are other options…

    Thanks for replying, it does sound exciting and for you personally a very rewarding solution….

    Buzz x


    Thank you Buzz it will always be a battle for all of us to stop eating faterning food , its only a tool the rest is up to us Best wishes from Jackie x


    After all these surgeries best part is you can loss your weight.I have an idea to do a lapband surgery.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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