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    I thought I’d post about some rather interesting reactions I have been getting.
    I had my surgery (bypass) on the 5th march and my starting weight was 19st 6 with a BMI of 42 and dress size 22
    I am now 13st7 with a BMI of 29.6 and dress size 14/16
    I am absolutely delighted with my weight loss and am reaping the rewards for a tough few months. I am no longer hypertensive, my cholesterol is normal and I feel generally well. I have a nasty back injury (nursing related) and although this is still problematic, I am absolutely certain that my weight loss is going to help….even if it only makes me a safer candidate for surgery later this year.
    My friends and family have been so supportive and have encouraged me all the way but the weird thing is that people are now telling me ‘not to get too skinny!’
    It’s so weird that all of my adult life I have been pushed to lose weight and now it’s the other end of the spectrum!
    I am seeing the dietician at st Richards next week for my 3 month check, I sure that I doing everything right and I am lucky that the weight is falling off so fast. I told my partner that id like to lose another 21/2 stone (I should be between 10.5 and 11.5 stone.) She is worried about this and thinks it will be too much to lose.
    I just thought I’d share this experience. In some ways it amuses me that people are so fickle, yet in other ways it frustrates me.
    I needed to lose weight for ME as I wanted to be healthy and add a few years to my life expectancy, so I think when people say ‘you are getting too skinny’ I shall ignore the comments and just enjoy my new healthier life style and revel in all the fabulous clothes shopping I never thought id be able to do!!
    Love Katy x


    Good for you Katy. You please YOU for once.

    People are fickle creatures as you say. I for one think it is the natural state of human beings to resist change, even if it is eventually for the better. When motor cars were first invented, scientists and medics forsaw all sorts of physiological and psychological damages from travelleing at speeds ‘in excess of 15 miles per hour’!! Imagine if we had listened to them!!

    You head for your own comfortable weight. If it is one that could start causing health concerns, listen to the people who know what they are talking about. Our surgeons and teams always try to get patients to aim for a HEALTHY weight rather than an ideal one. Mr Shaw Somers said to me when I was his patient ‘Sue, what can you do with a BMI of 25 that you can’t with one of 26?’ Spot on. Focusing and sometimes even obsessing on numbers is a mugs game – therein can lie madness!

    Enjoy your newly fought for health and happiness Katy – you have earned it hon ;-))

    Doodah x


    Thanks lovely x


    Hi Katy,
    How funny I am getting the same reaction now. I am 14 months post bypass and I have lost now nearly 11 stones, I have dropped from a size 32/34 to anything from a 14-18 depends on where I shop, I feel amazing loving the new me and would like to lose between 2 and 3 stone more, that will bring me down to the 11 stone something. I am now having to work at loosing every pound as my “honeymoon” period is well over but I don’t mind this. I go to Weight Watchers every Wednesday (I am one of the helpers there and the other members have turned into my support group), where I am called the incrediable shrinking woman lol, but one of the other ladies there came up to me the other day and said, “you must be nearly where you want to be with your weight lost if I was you I wouldn’t loose any more weight you look good now, don’t really want to get to skinny” that is her view but I am doing this for ME and me and my body will decide when we have lost enough and go over on to maintaining. She was quite shocked when I said I still had a little way to go but as long as it is still coming off I will be happy, this time next year I have set my goal at to be where I want to be. I am taking no notice of what she said and I am doing it for me and my health.
    Elaine xx

    PS. I am now off all medication and I no longer have to have a Cpap machine yeh. xx


    Way to go Elaine!!!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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