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Obesity and Anorexia within the NHS/Media/Press

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    One thing that annoys me in the Press, the News Report and Media. Is they all go on about ‘How much the Obesity costs the NHS’ etc. But you never hear News Reports etc about much Anorexia costs the NHS. Surely this is wrong. You never hear about how much it costs for their recoverary programmes etc. When in the Press they talk about Anorexia. It is almost handled with ‘kid gloves’ and they (news organizations) blame the magazines/models/media celebrates for the reason of these girls being so thin etc. But the media treats obesity in a completely different way……

    :rant: :rant: :rant:

    I have had my rant :rant: now.


    I totally agree the media are biased! But hopefully we all see throu it !!! xx


    I do feel sorry for those girls who are under weight etc. But it just BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP’s me off…….


    it’s a fattest world
    what can I say
    its the only legal discrimination left today
    disgusting but sadly not suprisingseems even when your ill due to food issues and weight
    its STILL BETTER TO BE THIN lol!!!


    So true, so true, I work with a lovely lady who is stick thin and, despite eating everything in sight can’t put weight on, she’s had, and is having, all the tests imaginable because she can’t put on weight, now, if we could just get the medical profession, and the media, to turn that round and take obesity just as seriously we might get more favourable press.

    It’s just a thought!!!!!!!!!!!



    it is the same with a mate of mine. Shes five foot nothing & weighs eight stone. Sh has toast with her butter (yes thast is the right way round) & food with her salt!!! She loves her butter & salt etc. She never loses any weight etc. But i’ve told her with her love of salt that can lead to high blood pressure. But she won’t listen.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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