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    Hi everyone. I had my band fitted 11 April and am making good progress. I’ve lost 12lbs since the op but my weight has stayed the same for the past week. Today I have started to enjoy the luxury of mashed food as opposed to pureed (or “slop” as I have been affectionately calling it). I do find that when I walk too much or too fast my port site starts to hurt and I’m wondering how many of you have experienced this and how long it was after your op that you could resume normal walking pace etc. (I do tend to walk alot and very fast normally). I’m not worried about this as it is certainly getting alot better every week, I’m more curious as to average healing time. I’m afraid I woke from the op in alot of pain and was given morphine whilst I was in the recovery room. The morphine caused alot of nausea which lasted 3 days (even with the anti-sickness pills I was prescribed in hospital) but it certainly took all the pain away. Just 12 hours after the op I only needed paracetamol for the pain and I only needed that for a couple of days. I was very surprised that the pain lessened so much, so quickly, in fact as soon as I started burping and belching 3 days post op the pain lessened significantly. All my trapped wind was in my stomach area, not in my back or shoulder as I was told it might well be. I’m looking forward to my first fill in a couple of weeks time as my appetite is now returning big time. The swelling is obviously going down nicely now. It’d be great to hear from any of you. Hope you’re all well. Love Gill x


    Hi Gill.B, this is Gill.T!!!

    I had my band fitted 14 months ago, and like you had v little abdominal pain (unfortunately I did have bad shoulder pain, but that went after a week)

    I did (and occasional still do) get port pain. It was difficult to sleep on my left side for +/- 2 weeks, and any activity that involved the muscle the port is attached to, was uncomfortable for +/- 6 weeks. So I think what you are experiencing is quite normal.

    My port has become a bit of a “barometer” insomuch that it becomes uncomfortable if I a) eat too much, b) eat too fast or c) drink too soon after eating – so it’s quite useful really!!!!!

    Wishing you well with your bandfill and continued losing

    Gill x


    Hi Gill.T. Thanks very much for your helpful reply. You look great in your photo so you’ve obviously lost loads of weight. Well done, I expect you now feel so much healthier. I was shocked at how painful it was when I came round for the anaesthetic and did think “oh my God what have I done”. I wasn’t expecting that much pain. I was glad I’d had it done just 12 hours later though as the severe pain had subsided. I wanted to share this with others just to let you know that if you do wake up in severe pain they deal with it immediately and just 12 hours later you hopefully shouldn’t need such strong pain relief as morphine. I’m so enjoying the freedom of feeling constant hunger, for the first time in my life I now feel in control instead of my hunger controlling me. Gill x


    Hi Gill,

    Well done so far,
    Its really not uncommon to stall a little about 6-8 weeks or so… Most of the meds will have been in your system are weaning off and your probably find even with the little foods you can manage right now you have quite a lot more energy.
    Just remember sweetheart, when weight lose slows down is usually when your loosing inches…. perhaps making some measurements might encourage you if the scales dont….lol…

    The scales are the devil and with our bodies in rebelion, its a bit if turmiol…. fear not…you by far from done.. 😉

    Insides do take a little longer to heal, while we look like pretty much nothing has happened on the outside, our inside will still be tender and sore, over do it ( forget to sip etc) and pay the consequences with some pain and a tender pouch….
    Give yourself all the time you need but remeber you have just had pretty major surgery, similar to a heart bypasss they say…

    Your delicate, but will reap the benefits….

    Keep up the good work but take care…..

    Buzz x


    Thanks Buzz. Your reply is very reassuring. Love Gill x


    hi gill,i had my band on the 12th april and like you have lost 12lbs,sadly the last few days my weight loss is stuck,very depressing been really good too!having my fill 2morrow,very nervous…good luck with urs,lisaxxx

    Ms Ellie

    Hi there gill just wanted to say congratulations on your weight loss!

    Much love Ellie x

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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