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Noob looking for some advice….

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  • This topic has 9 replies, 4 voices, and was last updated 9 years ago by Mark.
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    Hi All, I’m not really a forum kinda guy but looking at some of the advice posted here, it’s really great to see some really helpful information posted on this site! Thank you!!

    So here goes with my first post …. I am due for my pre-op assessment with Mr Chris Pring for a gastric band this Monday at the Guildford Nuffield. Can anyone share there experience with the G Nuffield? I really dont know what to expect.

    I am quite excited and nervous at the same time. Having the op, recovery and enough fills to actually restrict seem like ages away! It will however be great to get a new wardrobe and start enjoying the summer…..again …. when it arrives that is (its snowing while I’m writing this)!

    Does anyone know how long the op is likely to be after the assessment?

    Will be greatul for advice you could offer….


    Hi Mark and welcome,
    I dont suppose any of us were forum kind of people before joining this site… when do you fit it all in????

    The assessment is a fun packed day where you should see everyone, dietician, anestitist, surgeon etc etc.
    The surgoen will access your eating and could suggest the bypass so be prepaired, it is worth considering if you have very little control like some of us used too.
    The band is a good tool but so easy to cheat with and can take some work getting the fill right, but they will.

    Not sure what the waiting list is like but some have heard and got a date within a month others three months so it very much depends on the workload….

    Its usual to feel a little worried, I would worry if you didnt, its becomming a pretty common operation but as you well know not without some risks. thankfully the team at Streamline have a very goood record, your in proffesionals hands, these are people and staff performing these operations daily. Their wont be a lot they have not seen or dealt with.

    I can assure you it is worth it…. time and time again… surgery is an awesome tool.
    Lucky for you their are people here wanting to share, support and motivate… here to pick you up if you fall and dust you off…
    We all have ups and downs, its an emotional journey…

    Mark, your never alone….

    So….. check in often… ask away and if you can try to get to one or two of the local support groups and start meeting locals sharing the journey


    Buzz ( Andy in Bognor – works in Havant)


    Hi Mark
    Am a fellow bandster but know nothing of the Guildford Nuffield. Am sure it wont be long though before you join the losing side! I guess my advice would be to stay patient- it does take a while to get to the point of restriction but yes its worth it to be able to truly enjoy life again!
    Good luck


    Hi Mark,
    They have only been doing the op at the Nuffield since October 2010, but that is only the building the surgeons are excellent and very experienced. I am guessing as it is the Nuffield you are going private, so I don’t think you will have much of a wait at all; If that is what you want. As Buzz said make sure you look at the options and check out what sort of eater you are as this will be discussed at the assessment clinic, keep an open mind and use the forum as it is a great source of information that you can’t get anywhere else.

    I originally thought a band would be the best thing for me, but I am now booked in to have the gastric bypass on 31st January. I had changed my mind about what I thought would be best for me after doing the research and being honest with myself about what and how I eat. I am on my pre & pre op diet until then. I can’t wait.

    Good luck and post your questions up, use the forum as nobody else can truly understand how you feel unless they have put on your trousers and walked in your shoes, which on here we all have. It may not be pretty but I assure you any advice will be given in the most generous of heart and understanding.

    Good luck for Monday and hope you’re on the losers bench very very soon.

    Have a great weekend and use the time out of the snow to read up and get yourself prepared, this journey is hard work but it will be so worthwhile.


    Just to clarify, we have been operating at the Nuffield Guildford Hospital, for well over a year, we have the wonderful Mr Pring & team operating there, it is a fabulous hospital with equally fabulous staff.


    Hi Buzz,

    Been wanting to reply to you all for a while and finally got round to it!

    Thanks for the motivation! I’ve now had the diatitian’s appointment and also met the Nutritional Psychologist and its all go for the op on the 11th of this month! I have my pre-op tomorrow so a little anxious but its a welcome landmark towards getting my very own LOSER reputation!

    I thought it would take a while for the date to come through but thankfully got a couple of dates to choose from at my last appointment with Mr Guy Slater. We decided to go for the band as I have just over 30kgs to loose.

    I’m on my 7th low fat/ carb diet (as I have a milk intollerance) and although difficult for the first 3 days, its been ok so far (with only a couple of rule breaks!)

    My wife is probably a little more anxious than I am but come nearer the time, well actually thinking about it now, Eeek!



    Hi Cherylp,

    Thanks for the reply. I am looking forward to not being so conscious of myself!

    Cherylp, how many months and fills did it take before you felt the restriction?



    Hi pinkdancer,

    Thanks for the reply.

    Congrats on your op! How did your bypass op go? Hope it all went well.

    Yes, unfortunately I do have to go private as I do not meet the NHS criteria. The positive is that I will be on that operating table on the 11th Feb morning!! I had been thinking about the op for a while and as soon as I decided to go ahead, wanted it done yesterday! I also have my pre-op tomorrow so very pleased that it’s almost here.

    I have now had my initial assessment (well actually 2), a Dietician and a Nutritional Psychologist appointment as well. I must admit that Mr Slater did put me at ease about the whole thing.

    I am more of a savoury and volume eater. My eating habits have improved as I used to skip meals. I can’t think about food once I’m full, like my holidays and sometimes tend to overeat! I therefore decided to go for the band. Just hope it’s the right choice. Both Mr Pring and Mr Slater seemed to think this was reasonable.

    Good luck with your recovery!



    Hi Mark- I felt some restriction after 2nd fill – lost weight fairly quickly in first year- now it has slowed right down and I do need a nother fill. Going to see them on 21st. But I am happy – much happier with the way things are now- and I know its down to me to excercise and watch the intake.
    Good luck with yours- keep going on your low carb thing- its doing you good

    cherylp wrote:
    Hi Mark- I felt some restriction after 2nd fill – lost weight fairly quickly in first year- now it has slowed right down and I do need a nother fill. Going to see them on 21st. But I am happy – much happier with the way things are now- and I know its down to me to excercise and watch the intake.
    Good luck with yours- keep going on your low carb thing- its doing you good

    Hi Cherylp,

    It’s been a while. How are you getting on?

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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