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Non dairy Breakfast ideas needed.

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    Can anyone help?

    I do not drink milk and am a little stumpt for breakfast ideas. I dont like yogurt that much either.

    Thanks Lisa xx


    Depending how far post op but toast and vegemite or marmite ?

    Scrambled egg/ boiled egg ?

    Kippers ?

    Hope some help


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    Tomorrow I will be 5 days post op.

    I have tried yoghurt with fruit but really don’t like it. Most of the breakfast ideas include some form of milk be it normal milk or soya. I can’t take any.

    I am looking forward to when I can have a boiled egg or marmite on toast.

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    Hi there. have you tried goats milk? Some people who are lactose intollerant find it’s easily digested. There is also Rice milk you might like to try? Mozzerella is Buffalo milk. Porridge can be made the old fashioned Scottish way with just water, which would be fabulous with some soft fruit puree in. Also, Tomar margerine is dairy free if you are looking to spread something on toast at a later stage. Fish for breakfast is a super idea if you can tollerate it but it’s very dry. Maybe have a word with your dietician for furhter ideas to get you over the Festive period 😉

    Doodah xx

    ruby tuesday

    Scrambled egg, or one egg omlette? I am not good with milk post-op either, but am fine with natural yoghurt and a little fruit, and sprinkle cereal over that, also tried and disliked soya milk, so I can understand your dilema! What about a couple of the small melba toast with thin spread of low sugar smooth peanut butter, as even though you are on soups etc, the melba toast you buy do dissolve to nothing in the mouth, so are easy to digest even from that stage. I’m with Doodah on the porridge or Ready Brek with water and some pureed fruit, hard to think of much else that is easy to eat.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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