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Nhs Referal Question

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    I can anyone help?

    A family member recently went to his doctor to ask about weightless surgery.

    He is defiantly one of us, has struggled with his weight for sometime. And is currently over 25 stones.

    He was put off when the GP told him it would be more than a five year wait. He has other health problems and is not in a position to self fund.

    His weight is rising by the week and I worry about his health. We live in Dorset and I am not sure what the procedure is for those that need HHS care for bariatrics.

    Is the wait usually that long?

    Can anyone advise please?

    Lisa x

    sexy beast

    I think the doctor has slightly exaggerated the waiting list length. I think the norm is 12-18 month.


    I agree. The doctor is ill informed at best.

    Maybe he could see another GP within the practice or even see a new one?

    Doodah x


    I am in Kent and from when my GP suggested weight lost surgery and wrote off for funding I waited no longer than a month and I had my bypass within 6 months and I was nearly 25stones at the start and had under lining health problems as well, so I think his GP was a little of the mark.
    Would suggest he try again or somewhere else.



    When my GP first sent me for WLS the Hospital I was sent to had a 2 year weighting list. My GP thought tis was too long so refered me to one of the National Baryatric centres, there waiting list is about 12 weeks.

    Get him to ask his GP for a referal to the closest Centre, even if in his area the list is 5 years which I doubt he would be on a list which he is not at the moment. And as I found once on a list you are not locked to that lst if better options become known down the line.



    Thanks everyone for your answers. I will see him Sunday so will pass on the info. X

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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