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    Hiya stilltrying
    I know how you feel. Been there got turned down by nhs.I ended up beggin and borrowing the money from familie and friends. It seems to be impossible to repay such a large amount but but little by little I am managing. I hope you will find a way. Good luck


    I also know how you both feel.

    I have come back in floods of tears from seeing my doctor tonight after asking about funding for a bypass. She told me there was no point applying to the PCT as my BMI is not above 60 and I do not have anything like Diabetis, Heart problems etc. My BMI is 46 and I am finding walking up stairs and general getting around very difficult, my legs, hips and back get very painful. I didn’t realise that her saying what she did would get to me so much. I am at my wits end.

    I don’t expect it as a right to get this paid on the NHS as I can afford to pay about £300 per month but I do not have enough money up front and to save it would take me a good couple of years and I cannot wait that long. I don’t have relatives I can ask and unfortunately as my husband was made redundant a few years back it affected our finances for a while until we were able to sort it out but it affected our credit rating.

    Toni Russo

    Which is your local PCT Webster?


    Hi, I Had new boobs after I lost 8 stone in 2007.
    I was very lucky because my mum and dad bought them for my christmas prezzy:).
    While I was there I got a BMI credit card just in case.
    The APR wasn’t as bad as a normal credit card.
    There are lots of BMI hospitals where you can use it.

    I hope this helps
    Diane x


    Hi Toni

    My local PCT is Hampshire (I live in Basingstoke)


    Hi Cheeky Chicken

    Thanks, I will try this but with our problems in the past I’m not sure if it will be approved.


    Oh were do i start i have also been through hell my weight got to a massive 42st in 07 i had surgery by guy slater i had complications drastic ones then i had more surgery in 08 by shaw somers i also had more complications that were very dramatic but i understood the risks as i was about to die if i never got the help im feeling really good as im swimming everyday now and i have lost over 21st but you no what im about to tell you i have terreble discusting loose skin and a massive hernia and i cant have a relationship as im to embarrassed about the way i look i do think i look worse now than before but before i coudnt walk 20 feet without feeling out of breath and pain in my knees i can walk and breathe so much better now and i dont get as many panic attacks as before but i would love to get the one thing that you and me need and that is platic surgery please god …

    Mr Chris

    I just dont know what to do next…I was so excited after meeting Mr Somers..and now everything has gone quiet….people were in contact with me prior to my appt…..have you experienced the same??…I´m still waiting for a copy of my letter for my GP, as Mr Somers suggested I take it with me….but as of today!!!..still no copy…I cant make the appt with my GP till I have this to take with me…..Am I expecting too much too soon???? And how long have you all waited for your operations????


    Hi Mr Chris and welcome to the forum 🙂

    I like you, saw Shaw privately before being granted funding, but ticked all the boxes. My GP was very supportive and it was her that referred me to Shaw privately to try to speed up the process.

    If I were you, I would go and see your GP now and discuss it with them. Then if they are not supportive, you can tell them that you will have to change GP’s to one who does support bariatric surgery.

    I initially saw Shaw in January, got my funding approved by the PCT (Surrey) in April, had my new NHS new patient appointment (you have to do it again) in July and had my op in November. I was very lucky for everything to have gone through so quickly and I didn’t have sleep apnea or any other conditions that were likely to delay the op in anyway.

    I’m afraid I don’t know how quickly Sussex PCT turn around their funding applications but there are plenty of members who are Sussex based who I’m sure will be along to tell you.

    Good luck with your referal and I hope we can welcome you to the losing side very soon.

    Take care


    i live 8 miles south of st richards.
    how long since your app?
    it feels like you wait forever between appointments but you do get there in the end i promise.


    ps i saw my gp to be reffered in feb and got funding and first app to see guy on the 18th may(nhs)


    Hi Chris,

    I expect as St Richards taking on for a short while their might be a back log.
    Im with West Sussex and from referal to the operation was around 6 months..thats with two delays lol…
    Keep pestering for your letter, no harm in keeping on….lol

    Good luck

    Buzz xx


    Mandy lives in the sea, she must be a little mermaid if she lives 8 miles south of St Richards…lol…. we know she likes swimming…… aww LOL…

    She must be one of my neighbours……. Selsey, Bognor, Pagham…. hmmm


    Hi Chris,

    I live in West Susssex & seen Shaw privately last June and then approached my GP in early September to apply for funding, I took all the e mails I had from Shaw with me. My GP sent off the required paperwork to the PCT and received funding late November. Unfortunately the waiting list at ST Richards then closed and re-opened in April. I had my assessment on the 23/4 and received a phone call the following Thursday, to inform me that my op would be 29/5. Like Claire I didn’t suffer sleeping disorders and I know that holds up the process a little. As you can see it doesn’t take very long nowadays.

    Hope this helps x


    i do live 8 miles south of st richards,about 2 mins from the sea.
    lived here 15yrs.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 76 total)
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