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    Does anyone know if there are age restrictions in Westminster? My GP said I might be too old to get the PCT to fund it?


    This may be a daft question but did anyone manage to get a plastic operation done on the NHS? How did you manage it and was it a long wait?

    Toni Russo

    Hi Trafalgar and welcome to the site.

    Westminster PCT follow the NICE guidelines which state a minimum BMI of 40. They don’t specify an upper limit, unlike some other PCTs. Our surgeons will consider each patient as an individual. If you are considering surgery with one of our team, you will need your GP to refer you directly to the office at Chichester. They will arrange for an appointment after the PCT has agreed to fund any further treatment.

    In the meanwhile, list and problems that may be related to your weight and have these ready in case you need to appeal. If they do refuse, don’t give up and it is possible to get funded on appeal.


    I’ve been to my GP to arrange a referral to the clinic at Chichester. He agreed but said that he wasn’t sure that I would be funded as my BMI is 48 and the PCT say it should be a minimum of 50.

    If I get a private appointment and Mr Slater agrees that I need the operation, won’t the PCT be forced to agree if MR Slater writes and tell them that I must have it?

    Toni Russo

    The NICE guidelines show that you would certainly benefit from bariatric surgery with a BMI of 48. Unfortunately, PCTs are under no obligation to follow the NICE guidelines and many have their own (stricter) criteria. Speak to your GP and they will advise you of the appeals procedure.

    There is no value in paying for a private consultation if you plan to have NHS surgery. We are unable to enter into appeals for individual patients, however deserving they may be.

    You could find yourself paying for a consultation and then being disappointed as we would not be able to consider any further surgery unless the PCT agreed to fund or you decided to continue with private care.

    PCTs do change their policies at times and will sometimes make exceptions for individual. Email your PCT for an up to date copy of their policy. Then ask your GP to assist you in filing an appeal.

    Good luck.


    My GP just said it would take ages if at all. I’ve borrowed the money and have booked to have a bypass with Mr Slater. I can’t wait forever as my joints are getting worse all the time. It’s very unfair but at least I get an expert this way.


    Please can anyone tell me if i meet the criteria for NHS funding. My BMI is 41 and a waist of 47 ins. I am 33 years old and live in St Neots, Cambs.
    Kind regards

    Toni Russo

    We are awaiting the updated guidelines for Cambridgeshire. The previous guidelines stated that the minimum BMI had to be 40 but with diabetes. Going by similar PCTs, this generally means that they will consider non diabetics with a BMI of 50+ but I suggest that you check with them directly. As soon as our list is complete, we will make it available to members.

    Toni Russo

    Several people have asked about funding policies for plastics. They do vary from PCT to PCT but most are a variation on the attached government policy.

    Please note that PCTs are not obliged to follow this document-it is there for guidance.


    would like to know what the criteria is for post surgery operation is,cant seem to get info


    Hi Toni,
    I would be very interested to read the guidelines but can’t seem to open the link. Could you please post it again somewhere?


    This is the sadness of my life.
    i HAVE GONE through so much as i HAVE had BOTH surgeries Lapband(Private) and RNY Bypass
    I have NEVER CHEATED as I really believe I am in the last chance saloon.I have lost almost 10 stones and i AM 14months post op.I had a 4 month plateau which was really difficult to cope with as Im restricting my calories excersizing and (since my op) am making wise food choices for the first time in my life.
    I have worked ALL OF MY LIFE and do not expect the NHS to fund surgeries and i UNDERSTAND THAT severe cutbacks have to be made and this surgery (if you dont have any mobility issues because of loose skin folds etc) is considered non essential,but I have just been put onto a 3 day week at work due to reccession and so now all my hopes are dashed as I definetely can not afford this surgery priveately.
    I am very sad as i have so much loose skin my inner thighs and stomach and most embarrassinglt my pubic area has such a terrible overhang THAT I CAN NO Longer have an intimate relationship with my husband as the sheer mechanics make intercourse impossible.
    So I am left in a mess I actualy look far worse naked than i DID BEFORE I lost all this weight.
    I cant find clothes as the size i need for my tummy skin needs to be much bigger than my bum or legs need as they are so much smaller now
    I have written to the PCT and was refused and now do not know where to turn.
    Ihave tried so very hard to help myself but i FEEL SO UGLY and am so worriedi will lose my husband
    Can you imagine going through all this and BOTH BARIATRIC surgeries to feel this bad about myself?
    I need a total body lift but obvioiusly not until 24months post op as iM still losing weight
    my inner thighs have become discoloured now as the skin hangs down so much.I have stopped swimming due to the comments and stares i GET IN a bathing suit-I do walk and work out for other excersize but i loved swimming so guess I feel very low
    my self esteem is at an all time low
    and I keep wondering
    omg why did i DO THIS TO MYSELF?
    Sorry but I am soooooo sad


    I was told that funding is extremely rare due to NHS CUtbacks for non essential surgeries
    UNLESS- there are other conditions
    say like affecting your mobility or secondary infections stc etc

    Really difficult
    to go through all this
    and still look and feel a mess!


    Link doesn’t open Toni x


    I think this is the proper link Toni was trying to offer

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 76 total)
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