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Newbie.. 5 days post op

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    Hi I am new to all this and the op.. Had a gastric bypass last week in
    Manchester… Need to speak to others that know what i am going through.. I am struggling with the liquid diet slightly as its so limited.. Don’t mind making stuff myself but have no idea what may work.. I am highly intolerant to sugars.. My tastebuds have been extra sensitive.. And the gas WOW.. it’s the only ever time that release of gas has been pleasurable.. Stitches out on Thursday.. And keeping me going is the fact that it will be worth it..,


    Just keep doing what your doing it may seem difficult but you will get past this stage in no time and start really enjoying the experience. What are you eating/ drinking at the mo?

    Emily xx

    Emily.p wrote:
    Just keep doing what your doing it may seem difficult but you will get past this stage in no time and start really enjoying the experience. What are you eating/ drinking at the mo?

    Emily xx

    Fluids… Mostly water, tea and soups. I can handle very weak cordial. That’s about it..

    sonia kidman


    My advice is have what you want but make sure you liquidise everything so that it is liquid the best thing to have is lots of protein make sure you drink lots of water I know sips only but as Emily said it dose go by quickly.

    I also agree with you about taste buds, as I still can not drink coffee everything is enhanced, I also found what helped was tinned mince dishes things like irish stew ect.. great at the stage you are at as its easy to digest and great to liquidise

    My liquidiser was my best friend,I hope this helps if there is anything you would like to ask please feel free to contact me on here.
    Oh and for the wind that is normal :O)
    Welcome to the lossers bench
    Sonia x


    Sounds like you are eating and drinking the right things I only had soup to start and abit of cheesy mash but to be honest I didnt want it for the first week the thought of food made me feel sick but I found one day I woke up and its all sort of clicked and I could manage a little more food and it all went up hill from there. I know its boring and seems to never end right now but trust me you will be on ‘normal’ food before you know it just stick with it and dont rush anything you will get there in time hun.

    Tinned foods were great for me aswell as they were very soft and easy to blend.

    The wind well I dont miss that at all haha I still have to burp now and then I cant hold them in at all and I get the hiccups if I eat to quick or move around to soon after eating as for the other end I dont get anything to bad well nothing more than before lets say hahaha!

    Keep up the good work hun and keep us posted!

    Emily xx


    Hi Baida

    Soups are the very best in my opinion so long as they have the required amount of protein. They are excellent in both consistancy and ease of digestion (which might also help with the wind!) Sipping watwr is the other really important thing as it is the very best healer.

    Don’t try to rush things and just go at your own pace – we are all different. My tastebuds flipped for a little while after surgery. I preferred coffee to my beloved tea! that’s changed back now thank goodness as I couldn’t live without a good brew every hour!!

    Keep in touch and I hope you are soon feeling 100%.

    Doodah x


    Thankyou all for your advise.. Have taken it all on board.. Its onwards and upwards now… X X


    Any kind of warm liquids help pass the gas. Hot tea, coffee, etc. I learned this when I had a c-section with my daughter and it worked for me. Hope it helps!


    The sugar free jellies were helpful too and I ate lots of natural yogurt whizzed up with fresh berries or 1/4 banana. You can boil up most veg then blend with a hand wand season and add some natural yogurt to get a cream effect. Leek and potato, carrot and coriander, pea and ham were all soups I made in the early days. You can freeze them in bags so you can just pull them out when you need them. Lakeland do some great freezer bags for liquids which stand up to be filled (available online). Also cocoa with splenda.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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