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    neil mac

    hi all

    20 hours post op, still in nuffield guildford after mr pring beat me up while i slept.

    Real struggle after asasthetic i just couldnt stay awake for hours and hours.

    Feel very dehydrated as i cant drink even a sip without painfull heart burn feeling. Im of the drip so
    I guess they think im ok.

    To be honest im wondering if this was a mistake. I didnt struggle with the milk diet and i lost a bit on that.
    Ive tried to diet for years but never tried fasting. I wonder if i should of!!

    Still done now i guess. Is this painfull drinking normal? i didnt expect this at all even in early stages.

    118 kg and counting.

    Neil mac


    The 1st couple of weeks are the worst !!!! I seriously thought what the hell have I done !!!! But 2 months on its the best thing I ever did !!! I rushed back into everything I had my op on the Friday also at Guildford with chris pring and I went home on the Saturday and thought I could be super mum took the kids to school on the Monday !!!! But they tell you to take it easy for a reason so learn from my mistake and rest up as they tell you to !!!! Good luck you will be fine look forward to seeing a post when you’re on the mend x

    neil mac

    Thanks for reply, 24 hrs later still struggling to get even a sip down.
    Chris Pring rang last night with some reassurance. Do feel better this morning
    After night in my own bed but still dry on the inside due to lack of fluids.

    Never thought i would crave another pint of milk!!!

    118kg and counting

    neil mac

    so, tuesday following friday op.

    had to meet up with Mr pring yesterday so he could remove ALL the fluid in band as i could not even sip water without fetching it back up moments later.

    Immedietly afterwards I drank a cup of water (sipped of course) without discomfort. had a rammy of soup last night all good.

    woke up this morning to same problem! big heartburn with every sip.

    gastric bands suck


    Sorry to hear you are having such a hard time 🙁 Get back in touch with your team as soon as possible is what I would do Neil.

    Doodah x

    neil mac

    Addmited to st richards hospital chichester on tue night. Mr prings home hospital i think.

    I was expecting to have correctional surgery on the wed morning as mr pring said i had been given the
    Smaller of the two bands available (ten or fiveteen ml).
    Met the anithsatist and surgery team and was waiting to go down when….they changed
    Their mind!!!

    They decided to get an exray of me trying to drink first.

    Exray showd some swelling around the band that they hoped would reduce with some drugs.
    So here i am still sitting on a ward in a nhs hospital for two days 50 od miles from home waiting
    To see iff swelling will reduce enough. i can now drink and eat soupsmoouse and stuff llike
    That now so thats good.

    I only entered this as information for others. I admit i was under the impretion i was purchasing
    Private care for me and my band for the duration of the two years. The nufield hospital in guildford
    Was like a hotel with nurses ensuite with 5 star all the way. Seems thats for the day of the operation
    Only. Any complications and your back on the understaffed overloaded nhs.

    Im so glad i chose a local service provider for this. If id gone up north to a hospital up there i would of
    Saved about £1000 but been stuffed for after care with any complications.

    I feel others need to be aware of this fact. Not that this hospital is not a good one. Its just not
    What i thought id paid for thats all.

    109kg and counting


    I think that’s the case with almost any private surgery though Neil.

    I’m having a procedure done in the Spire, Havant, near Portsmouth later in the year and I’m fully aware that should anything go wrong, I will end up in the Queen Alexandra NHS hospital up the road ( with the same team I might add!) I think you only get ongoing care in a private hospital if you have ongoing private medical health insurance?

    Imagine being one of the people who chose to have surgery abroad. They are left alone in a hotel room to recover….We at least have a fantastic team of health care professionals at every stage no matter who we are and what we have paid.

    Doodah x

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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