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Never give up at the first hurdle

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    Hi guys

    As many of you know, I have already applied twice for funding for plastics for my excess skin. I haven’t been turned down as such, it’s just that they keep changin the criteria (which I meet every time anyway!) So, I went to see my GP last week about a totally unrelated health issue and she reminded me that I can apply again THIS year.

    I felt so dispondant last year when I was told the weight maintainance element of the criteria had been extended from 18 months to 2 years but My GP reminded me that we are now almost 3 months into the new year!! I have allowed myslef to start feeling positive about it again! I’m fortunate enough to have a GP who will fight my corner but , even if you don’t have that luxery always remember – it’s not over till it’s over and you are worth the effort.

    Whether you are pre, post or a long time post op, never give up the fight. As the old saying goes: ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’.

    Doodah xx


    I think that’s great….when I wanted a tummy tuck I was told that because I had a band I had cheated and not had to work at losing the weight ….go figure… I couldn’t get help with either ops so funded them myself not sorry just forever poor lol
    Midge xx


    Hi Doodah

    That’s great to hear you have very supportive GP, fingers crossed you get your wish this year, we’re all right behind you and thinking positive for you.

    Take care



    Fingers crossed that you get the funding this time round. I am following you very carefully on this subject as having lost 10 stones now I have a lot of loose skin beginning to come, the stomach I can handle but getting a little consious of my arms and thighs even the calfs of my legs are getting saggy as well. I do exercise, gym and swim but I know I am going to need help with this. I am beginning also to get infections in places one really shouldn’t again due to the loose skin and I have noticed I am again beginning to suffer with back ache and strangely enough my arms ache as well. I know they won’t even consider me yet as I am still loosing weight I have about another two to three stone to go and I know I have to maintain that weight for two years so I am a long way off, but I do have a really lovely GP who will back me all the way on this, so I am keeping my fingers crossed for you as I know how you must feel.
    Elaine xx


    I’m going to check with my GP this week or next as I believe the time is fast approaching when I can re apply for funding. If they have changed the goalposts again I shall be furious. It would almost be better if they outright turned me down as at least then I would know that I have to rustle up a plan B. But while there is hope of getting at least some of it done on the NHS, I won’t give up trying. Excess skin gets very sore in this weather so it would be wonderful to never have to worry about it again.

    Doodah x


    Bit of an update.

    I’m seeing someone (private) on Thursday to see whether he thinks I have any chance at all of getting my plastics done on the NHS as they are STILL Messing me around. They haven’t said no – they just keep stalling. In the meantime, my arthritis is becoming almost impossible to live with and my shoulders regularly pop out of their sockets. I know this is often due to the weight of my breasts and excess arm skin. Styling my hair is difficult and as for getting dressed….nightmare.

    So, even if it means I have to sell my soul to the Devil (Bank Manager – very topical right?) I’m going to get this sorted once and for all. I’m curiously very, very nervous about the consultation. Make of that what you will.

    Doodah x


    Best of luck on Thursday, I hope you get the direction and motivation to push on with your quest!

    Mara x


    I really hope you get some positive direction on Thursday. Your perseverance on this is inspiring.

    Good luck with the appointment.



    Thanks Emski. Mine is a long, long journey! Four years post op on 17 of this month and still not at my final destination….

    I’m very, patient and VERY persistent 🙂


    Wishing you all the luck and hopefully a good outcome. I had my apron and thighs done in 2003/5 and other than a little complication of the thigh stitching coming undone (which was painless btw), it was a walk in the park. I’m lucky to have not needed to have my arms done though as I hear that’s quite painful.


    I think the arm op is the most invasive so I’m quite prepared for some ‘discomfort’ haha! I’ve been advised to have that last.

    There is twice as much skin as arm so the weight of it makes basic things difficult as I have arthritis. Getting dressed can be a veritable nightmare!!


    Hope it all goes well at the appointment tomorrow x


    Thanks guys.

    Have to admit to being very, very nervous. I don’t think I have allowed myself to believe that it will ever happen so I’m fearful that it may not (for whatever reason ie time, cost etc…)

    Anyway, let’s just wait and see. I have no control over it at the moment so I shall do what I have learned to do in this past four years: trust in fate.

    Doodah x


    Good luck for your consult. You should get it done on the NHS, I think when there are so many health reasons for it you really should but if you can’t I hope you find a way. You deserve not to be in pain all the time! Look forward to hearing how it went xx

    P.S Is arms really meant to be the most painful? I planned on getting them done first if I can ever afford it, my arms are abnormally big and just with the weight I’ve lost so far they are hanging down go my boobs :rolleyes:


    Well, the appointment went far better than I could ever have hope for in terms of the consultant being an absolute gem. He put me at ease almost immediately and never once made me feel rushed or like just another appointment.

    Upshot of it is: I shall have to self fund. As you can imagine – tum, boobs and arms, is a LOT of money. I will have tum first then boobs and arms at the same time afterwords. I’m not considered bad enough to warrant NHS as I haven’t been to my GP for every single infection and bout of crippling pain over the past four years. So, if I had been up at my surgery every week whining about it, I might have stood a better chance of funding. He has only ever done one person from my are on the NHS.

    So, at least I know where I stand now and can get everything done on MY terms (desperately trying to be positive here folks!!) in a lovely hospital with a superb surgeon. I just need to sell my soul to the financial devil!

    Not the outcome I wanted but I shan’t get down about it. I tried my best and that’s all I could have done. Sometimes in life, you don’t get what you want: you get what you need. Thanks to you all for your support – it means such a great deal to me.

    Doodah xxx

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 41 total)
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