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Negative press/reactions to surgery.

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    I read on the Internet today a comment on somebody’s weight loss and it was very scathing about surgery being a cheats way of losing weight.

    This unfortunately buys into all of the negativity i have anyway in my head.

    I know I am only at the beginning of my journey and going through the usual ups and downs but only a couple of months ago I was adamant that I should be able to lose this weight myself. My dieting history & the fact that I am morbidly obese.

    However I do worry that ‘people’ will judge me. I am totally embarrassed that I have allowed myself to become so overweight.

    Plus I can still not really get my head around the fact that I am relatively intelligent yet I cannot seem to grasp the fundamentals of normal nutrition. Surely it should be easy diet-lose weight. Yet I know all of you have struggled too.

    Why do I worry so much what others think? That’s the real question I should be asking myself.

    Lisa x

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    Hi Lisa

    You lovely lady…

    I have along with my friends on this site have struggled with weigh, and embarrassed about getting to this stage.. And in my case as self funding cried many tears of the thought of spending money on myself..

    It is simple less intake and more exercise will get your weight off, but we need help to sustain it, no different to a smoker getting patches to help them…

    As a non smoker I look at smokers who are trying to stop and think “just stop it’s easy”. But as we know it’s not that easy…

    So we need help with sustaining our diets…

    You will have many thoughts about surgery, but please consider what the alternative is if we just get bigger, less time with our love ones.

    Go for it Lisa,


    John xxx

    ruby tuesday

    Lisa, 90 percent of all dieters re-gain.

    You want a long term solution, as all of us who have taken this decison do, and you still have to monitor what you eat and excercise after surgery, so quite honestly, what it does is focus your brain to make the effort to work with the amount of food your body needs, not what your head wants to eat.

    As far as what people say is concerned, the answer is simple – don’t tell them.



    Lisa , I was the same really embarassed I’d let myself get to this point , I think it’s natural feeling . I’m 4 weeks post op yesterday and 2 1/2 St lighter and wearing clothes and shoes I’ve not for years !! I feel fab and the people I have told have all been so supportive – this is not an easy way out it’s a tool to help us loose weight . I still have to think what I eat and make the right choices . Most ppl have said to me I am very brave for choosing this option .

    Katherine . X

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    Lisa, why do any of us listen to others Ruby is right don’t tell them. this is your business and you know that you have tried to diet and need this help. This is not the easy way out, how can it be when it has risks and also you have to work with the tool because other wise you will not get the best out of it!
    Stick around on here you will get support you need and no judging of you because we understand.

    miss missy

    hi makes me so angry when ignorant people think the choice we have made is cheating as this has been the hardest thing ive ever done in my life.its easier now in some ways as i had my op in way is this cheating.but i do no that lots of people are so quick to judge and tats why only a handful of my nearest and dearest know about my op.thats the choice i made and its your choce to decide who to tell.had my op on 7th march and am now 12st 12 lbs.out of the teens never to return.hooray.xxxxx


    Hi Lisa

    The only thing wrong with not telling people you have had surgery is that it makes it appear to be something to be ashamed of when it ISN’T!! If you broke your leg, would you be ashamed at having to use crutches? Would you be ashamed to wear a hearing aid or have a pacemaker fitted? WLS is simply a tool to help us. I Look people right in the eye and proudly tell them that I have asked for help and have been lucky enough to have been given it. It’s not a shameful secret!

    Having said that, it is a medical procedure and absolutely no-one else’s business. It’s your right to keep it private. Just make sure it’s for the right reasons. I think being ‘loud and proud’ is the first step towards self value and, let’s be honest, lack of that is what got us all here in the first place right?

    Love Doodah xx

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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