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    I am having a bypass by Shaw Sommers at the Portsmouth Spire Hospital on 17th November. I thought it best to start stocking up my cupboards now. I am planning to have Ready Brek for breakfast – is it ok to add some sweetner like Splenda?

    Also can anyone recommend a good yogurt preferably with no “bits” in it?

    Are ready meals like a diet shepherd’s pie ok? I don’t like naything foreign I’m afraid, so can anyone suggest good old British fare for me?

    Ta very muchly!

    ruby tuesday

    How annoying, typed long reply and accidently wiped it! Sigh! Yes splenda is ok, but it may seem too sweet as may the cereals and milk, and I couldn’t cope with Redy Brek or milk post op myself, but everyone is different. I had natural yoghurt and blended in my choice of fruit as I didn’t want any added sugar. Ready made meals are ok too, my dietican said I was too restrictive as I don’t eat them myself, but she said most people have a mix of them and home cooked. Shepards pie is on the list of mushy food allowed in the first few weeks as it is easy to digest, but you can puree whatever you are cooking for the family for tea, just avoid things like pastry as it is too high in calories. Lots of soups, Mr Summers recommended Covent Garden ones as most tinned are high sugar, or home-made like lentil soup, as it is good protein. I was ok with eggs, some people aren’t, but they are good protein, hummus or pate on melba toast for snacks, grated cheese on mashed potato, or on top of soup, fish if the boil in bag one in sauce, but for some people it is too chewey in other forms.

    Good luck anyway, you have a great surgeon.


    Well done for stocking up. I am two weeks post op. I found ready brek did not agree with me. Have enjoyed the lentil soup. The yoghurts are too sweet, so I am having natural yoghurt. Weetabix is ok.
    All the best!


    Soups are the best for post op – check sugar and then blend if lumpy . I added low fat grated cheese to up protein .

    There is fish you can buy frozen in butter or white sauce and cook in microwave very nice blended with veg , think its youngs but not 100 % . I liked ww vanilla yog .

    I had w bix for b fast only because I don’t like ready brek .

    All the best .

    Katherine . X x

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    Lucky – I didn’t eat yog really till 3 month check when I spoke to dietician and yog is the ONLY exception we can go to 7 gr sugar per 100 gr . Really opens the choices ! .


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    Thanks Kath, I did see your post before about this which was helpful thank you! I am going to speak to the dietitian but what low fat cheese do you buy I could not find a low fat one below the 3g per 100g, Thanks Lucky


    To be honest, I just ate homemade soup for 8 weeks. My sister makes them for me (still does bless her – had some last night!) and they were absolutely brilliant. I din’t find the need to chew overwhelming so it worked for me. Anything home made is better of course but I also had to switch to being veggie as meat just wouldn’t go down. I’ve never eaten fish or pork and didn’t much bother about red meat so it was very easy. Minced quorn has been my saviour. I buy it frozen so only use what I need if the family are having meat. I mostly get my protein from dairy and eggs. Cottage cheese is also a life saver as is Philly light with sweet chili!!
    Everyone is different so the guidelines are simply that – a guide. Nothing is written in stone and it is very much trial and quite a bit of error!

    Good luck. We are all here to support you 😉

    Doodah x


    Also forgot to mention that I eat pulses every day – fantastic for protein x

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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