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Need help with food suggestions…………

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    hiya all well on wednesday i am 4weeks post-op which means im no longer on pureed food and can have the fork mashed fods YIPPPPPEEEE im so lookn forward to chewing food again rather excited lol………..
    i havent experienced any dumping syndrome or vomiting as of yet woooppeee so im doing something right and wat to carry on that way……
    well i was wondering if anyone had any tips on what to eat or any recipes im open to all offeres 🙂

    i enjoy eggs and pretty much anything but im wantin to try new things and would rather cook up things instead of pre-buyin them but at the minute was just wondering wat u guys ate when u all started the mashed foods>>???

    oh a random question i really enjoy batchalors chicken super noodles or should i say did enjoy them hehe and im wondering do anyone eat them now after the op and are they safe to eat without effects……..

    hopefully chat to u all soon xx


    cottage cheese, I eat alot of. Bananas, cottage pie, homemade fishcakes (very easy to make). Mash potato with corned beef or fish is another good one.

    I tried doing myself scrambled egg but the smell turn me off 🙁



    I can recommend using Carolthe cooks book Return to Slender which has loads of recipes for all stages of our journey.


    Irene that is a darn good book….


    Hi Guys
    Need to get this book asap………..where can i find it? xxxx.


    Hi here is Carols website you can order it online.


    I’m now in week 5 so about the same stage as you. I had half a slice of toast with a tiny bit of cheese on that, put a few baked beans on that with loads of juice (I use the low sugar beans) and topped it off with a lovely poached egg. I ate it very slow and got half way through and thoroughly enjoyed it all. Then had the other half later on that evening. Yesterday was a tiny tiny bit of chicken, stuffing, sweetcorn, carrot, broccoli and gravy with 1 tiny new potato. I don’t bother mashing it all as it soon does it after you’ve chewed each mouthful for 5 mins (esp with the chicken as that’s a bit dry so kept adding veg with it in my mouth). Didn’t have any problems at all. I know what you mean about the whole trying new flavours thing though. Still think I’ll puree my chicken korma though as the chicken was a pain in the arse to chew.


    Hi Mandi
    Hope you are well xx
    Just ordered it…..thanks honey xx.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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