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need advice for pros and cons of gastric bypass

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    Hi Pluto
    I had a RNY in Oct 2007. I have lost 7 stone and have kept a stable weight since then without any problem. (I am a size 14.) I was obsessed by food pre RNY, and was often consumed by guilt for overeating and binging on rubbish foods. All that has gone away now and I enjoy food without guilt. I do miss chocolate and I miss comfort eating when things don’t go right in my life. However, rather than eating my way through bad times, I just have to cope with it now which can be really hard at times.
    BUT, the rewards are worth it. No more huffing and puffing, no more sweating. No-one stares at me anymore. I don’t dread social situations anymore. I LOVE shopping for clothes! So much choice! I fit in the airplane seats comfortably, in fact I fit in any seat comfortably! I can cross my legs. I look in the mirror and don’t feel disgust anymore.
    I wish I had it done years ago.
    Only problems I have is I can’t tolerate milk very well. I became anaemic and needed an iron infusion. I also have a lot of loose skin (I am 39). A small price to pay in my opinion as the benefits outweigh these things considerably

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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