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    Precious, what a fantastic weight loss you must be dancing about!! I reckon those clothes you bought for your holiday will be falling off you soon and you’ll have to get new ones when you get nearer to your holiday dates, isn’t that a fabulous thought!! See you next Saturday xx


    Thanks everyone, I am really pleased, when I see a reflection I think, surely that can’t be me! Still a long way to go, but its good because people are now commenting and noticing …. at last!! When hubby cuddles me he can put his arms right round me now and that feels great! I am really looking forward to the T Party and meeting everyone, not got a clue what to wear as I am so reluctant to buy clothes! At this rate I WILL be going as Minnie Mouse!! …. I can’t beleive how much things have got easier over the last 2 weeks with eating, I can eat practically anything now. However I do feel a little nauseas after chinese, so will be avoiding that for a little while. However I am all ok when it comes to Indian which is my favourite!! So all is pretty good now, and everythings looking pretty rosy all round.
    love to everyone … see you all on Saturday xxx xxx


    Awesome isn’t it……. Didnt we say it would be…
    As for going as Miney mouse. I’m all up for that…lol

    Glad its working and working well…..

    TOO slimfinity PRECIOUS……

    Buzz xxx


    Thanks Buzz head, can’t wait to meet you and Mrs Buzz on Saturday, along with the rest of our family x x


    Hi Precious
    Well done with the fantastic weight loss 🙂 I know where you are coming from not wanting to spend much on clothes as the sizes go down. I’ve got loads of stuff from Sainsbury’s – it’s cheap to start with but the sales and days when they have 25% off are great .
    Looking forward to meeting you , with or without mouse ears on Saturday !!
    Jan xx


    Had my 6 week check yesterday which was actually 9 weeks!! It all went really well, and everyone was pleased with me. I then went onto Brent Cross shopping centre for the afternoon, which I must say I wasn’t over impressed with, I had to do it twice over because it was so small! Maybe I am spoilt with Lakeside and Bluewater. Done some shopping, I WAS SO PLEASED, I went into River Island and they didn’t have an 18 in the top I wanted so hubby said try a 16, I said there is no way it will go on on me, BUT it did, it is a tight fitting top (just as well really lol) but I actually bought a top in River Island, I cannot beleive it, :cheer2: I think the reality has just set in!! I am so pleased, I cannot take it all in OMG!!
    After that we went for dinner and then onto the support group, and I met the lovely Ms Ellie, Carol the cook, and JR. It was so lovely to meet them all they are all just as lovely in person as they are on here. Had a really lovely evening. No cannot wait until the Tea Party to meet everyone else!

    Hope I haven’t bored you all to much waffling on there. :grouphug:


    Well done Precious! There is no feeling like the feeling of accomplishment, especially in the weight department! Iv got a ways to go yet but i hope to soon be sharing the same feeling of euphoria once i get into smaller sizes!

    So, say it with me Precious ‘Adios EVANS!!!’!! Congratulations!!

    Big hugs!


    You must feel great 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 well done you !


    Lovely to see you Precious last evening…and you look GREAT! It was such a fab evening and one of my highlights was meeting the wonderful Miss Ellie…she is going to have such an amazing journey!
    Thanks too to Stacey for leading the group again in such a positive, life-enhancing way. Great to meet Renn again (with Bill who was so gracious in giving me a coin to get out of the carpark – everyone needs a BILL!), JR, Jackie, Samantha, Twinkle and some newcomers. It was worth journey, even though I cursed the M25 traffic for 21/4 hours.
    Looking forward to seeing some of you again tomorrow. Carol x


    Wow Precious – River Island!!!! That is one of my dreams to fit into something from a ‘normal’ shop – well done you!! 😀 😀 :cheer2: Maybe we can arrange a shopping date to Westfield when I’m fully up and running!!!

    Glad you guys had a good time at the support group last night – I will be at the next one!!!


    THANKS EVERYONE ! (Rabisco ….. ADIOS EVANS!!) Carol I also was so pleased to meet Ms Ellie, and what a darling she is too. Phoenix, I will start saving my pennies now for that shopping trip …. I cant wait! Looking forward to meeting you at the support group next month.
    Nee nee … not long now sweetie .. yay !!!! xxxx


    Westfield! I know it well and know just where to shop, where to eat, where to take a rest…..girls we are ON for an EPIC SHOPPING SPREE! I will take advance booking tickets for the event shortly…it will happen. But first there is the little matter of a Tea Party! Carol x


    Carol, you and me both!!!! I go there so often that if I miss a week or two my cousin asks me when am I going to pay my rent??? :rofl:

    Precious – just had a look at your photos and you look fab!!! Well done hun…Westfield here we come! :cheer2:


    Oooh, did someone mention a girly shopping trip??????? Count me in! But if it’s going to be mid-week, give me some notice so I can book a day’s holiday! 😉

    Precious, so glad things are going so so well for you angel. Long may it continue… Onwards and downwards!



    Let me know when and where…I’m up for a laugh just watching you manic lot giggling your skinny butts off…. thats one workout I dont want to miss…..
    LOL ROFL…I can picture it now ha ha a a

    Buzz xxx

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 33 total)
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