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My Journey so far….(Ms Ellie) – part 86

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    Ms Ellie

    Ms Ellie exactly the same thoughts went through my mind about my daughters wardrobe ha ha … You are doing so well with giving up smoking thats great, imagine how much healthier you will be when you have your op just because you have stopped smoking … keep it up!! I am like you, eat when I am happy, eat when I am sad, don’t really care …. just love eating !! BUT…. when I got my op date, I started to feel guilty eating … and I started loosing weight! I went to the seminar on Tueday 18th May at St Clements, made the decision there and then, they gave me an op date for the 7th June …. and I had my assesment appointment last Thursday 27th, so I done it all ‘arse about face’ (about right for me lol). But its very weird how I kind of went off my food slightly, and lost 3lb … its a start! Mind you, that 3lb didn’t stop me going throught the garden chair at the BBQ yesterday lol … ha ha .. I did laugh .. along with everyone else, but it won’t happen again thats for sure!!! Started milk diet this morning, can’t wait to see how much I loose between now and next Monday.

    Love reading all your posts … keep them coming!

    x Donnax

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