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My Journey so far….(Ms Ellie)

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    Ms Ellie

    Good evening all I hope you have all had a great weekend??

    Thank you guys for the e-mails texts and FB messages I am feeling great now guys and as always (thank god) I bounce back to my normal bubbly self!!!!

    My poor family suffered last week with my awful mood swings, hubby was very careful what to say and only god knows how many times he said yes love no love whatever you say love, he wouldnt have dared to say anything to upset me (bless him) our poor dog was duckin and diving last week too!

    I am over it now well, much better and have had a great weekend, left the house on Saturday and went to the coast, the fresh air did me the world of good and it was great to be out with all the family and of course my lil pooch.

    The aches and pains are still there but I suppose until I shift some of this weight this is to be expected, my body has been abused by me for so many years due to my obesity.

    I have finally updated my personal diary and have entered the date of my first appointment in Chichester on the 9th July Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee……….. I no longer have the urge to chase the postie, much to his relief!!!! I tried my luck and calling the Bariatric team last week and asked to be put on the cancellation list (if there is one) and I was informed that they rarely get cancellations, I kinda new that but still wanted to give it a shot! 32 days to go (im not counting)

    This month will fly by as I have so many things on and of course the World cup starts next week and that will keep me entertained anyone else following the world cup??

    Suzie, I believe my issues last week were stress related as I have had a mouth full of sores and have just generally felt run down. I also wonder sometimes if these symptoms are the results of me giving up the fags, I really enjoyed smoking ive done it for a very long time so that’s a big void in my life, I hope I never go back to it. I was the only one left in my family who smoked so you can imagine the grief I got from everyone, not only for the smell that was lingering around the place but more importantly I know my family were worried about my health.

    Prescious my love by the time I post this hopefully all has gone well for you and you are recovering well, look forward to hearing from you.

    Guys, this morning I went to Gatwick to accompany my daughter to the airport, whilst I was sitting having a coffee in the BP service station I met a guy and his wife Tim and Tina, Tim and I both gave each other “the encouraging look” we both knew exactly what we were thinking and at the same time we mentioned Bariatric surgery!!!!!

    Tim is soon to be having surgery and is looking forward to joining this forum for some support, his lovely wife Tina promised to join the forum as they would love some support from us..

    And finally…..I feel a Trevor Macdonald moment coming on here, Twinkle toes (my sis) is doing really well she “unofficially “ weighed herself this morning and has clocked up her 3rd stone off in just over a month. Well done sis.

    Thanks as always much love Ellie xxxxx

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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