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My Journey so far….(Ms Ellie)

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    Ms Ellie

    My lovelies…….. hello to you all, thank you all as always for your replies very much appreciated and have cheered me up no end!

    Ok….I wont lie to you I have had a really awful week, starting from last Sunday I have been like a freakin Yo Yo one minute up and one minute down.

    Sunday night I went to bed and got the shakes, teeth were rattling like a goodun and I was shaking like a leaf, I know the signs I have had this so many times in the past “The fever” temp up to 39/40 and im feeling awful! I started on the Paracetamols and by Tuesday morning I started to feel ok,my left leg was inflammed and I suppose this is another dose of cellulitus im on long term Pennicillian but I think now they are not helping me no more.

    I nipped out with my sister on Wednesday just for some fresh air and deary me I felt this twinge in the lower left side of my back, by the time I got home I was in agony I could barely walk and could hardly get of the chair. Managed to get some patches and painkillers from Boots to help with the pain. What is happening to me??? Am I run down???? my mouth feels very sore inside especially when I eat something.

    I am supposed to be happy I got my letter for my first appointment, how strange is this I know the date and time in my head, but why havent I entered it in my diary??? I always put appointments etc in my diary, why not this one??? this one is so important to me but I cant bring myself to write it in?? Am I losing the plot???

    On a positive note ive been off here for a few days and have i got some serious catching up to do. I hope you have all been behaving?????

    Much Love to you all xxx

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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