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My Journey so far….(Ms Ellie) – part 40

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    Ms Ellie

    Good evening to you all, I want to thank you all individually as I am so touched by the warm responses and encouragement that you all give me.

    Buzz: We all need a Buzz in our life, you always put a smile on my face with your encouraging posts, thank you so very much xxx

    JR: I have been so lucky to have met you thank you as always for being my friend xxx No Sue Ellen JR (she’s probably hit the bottle) but I am sure she is lurking around on here somewhere, Sue Ellen get your butt on here xxx

    Jacquie: Forget that saying life begins at 40 its 45 for you and I, at 46 we will be the new “Chichester babes” LMAO!

    SuzieQ: Thanks huni but where are you??

    Solucky glad you had a great trip my love,at the time of me posting I am sure you are getting yourself ready for your big day tomorrow as I have said earlier you take care and god bless you xxx

    Claire: Thanks sweetie your posts are always so very encouraging xxx

    People….thanks for taking the time to read my blog I hope you enjoy reading my journey so far….

    This week so far has been so blooming hectic for me what with my daughters 21st party last week, to her being away in Magaloof , my Princess amongst a lot of other things helps me out with the lads that we care for and I have missed her this week, I understand she also needs time out and I am glad she went away, we need a break from each other every now and then it makes our relationship so much stronger!

    Before I could sneak off to the lounge or my room my daughter said mum I hope you are going to make an effort tonight in joining in with the fun I had no choice but to do as I was told!!! I was quite happy to slip away quietly and not be seen by her friends, its that embarrassing moment that I have about my size and being seen by people who don’t know me!

    I so wished I could dance I didn’t risk it as I would have made a fool of myself, I so loved the eighties music that they played for a while, brought back so many lovely memories of the days when I could wiggle/wobble around!!!

    Ok, right why wasent I informed that the pretty little pink jelly shots were made with Vodka??? My poor head…. Oh and what was I thinking??? I had me shoes on the wrong feet too!!! Drinking certainly isn’t for me for sure.

    I have felt a little emotional this week, I think its because I got the forms from the hospital reality is kicking in now and surgery seems like its getting closer and closer.

    The Bariatric forms seem quite daunting at first but I did take my time to fill them in and I can honestly say that I was totally honest and put down everything that I ate and my feelings before during and after. Have you ever felt sick at the thought of how much you actually eat during the course of one day?? When you write it all down its frightening just how much I can eat.

    The one question that I was waiting for was NOT on the form and that really surprised me.

    Are you a smoker?

    Nooooo I gave up just over three months ago and I am dead chuffed with myself because I was a right fag ash lil before! If I am right this question is on almost every kind of form you have to fill in but it certainly was not on this one, How strange is that???

    Forms have been posted and the wait is on…..(poor Mr. Postie)

    Well guys not much more to say right now apart from hope you all enjoy what you are doing this bank holiday weekend hopefully the weather will be good to us, im not up to much, not in the mood to go out the knees are still playing up I try not to take too many pain meds but sometimes I just have to give in just for some pain relief in the shop today I thought my knees were going to give in the queues were horrendous and I nearly abandoned my trolley and walked out!

    For those of you who have asked about my sister (twinkle toes) she is doing great she is bombing about as if she has a jet engine stuck up her arse!!!!

    Ciao for now thanks for reading xxxx

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