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My Journey so far….(Ms Ellie)

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    Ms Ellie

    Hello all

    SoLucky sis is doing really well just hope I will be like her after surgery!

    Thanks guys for your replies and encouragement its really really appreciated.

    Hope you have all had a good weekend, weather has been crap but not letting the weather get me down ive made sure ive kept myself really busy within the house.

    Ive not mentioned this before on here but I am an adult carer, I look after 3 lads with learning difficulties in my own home I have 2 lads that are downs syndrome and one who is autistic, they have lived with me for 15 years as part of my family, I love them dearly as if they were my own.

    They are adults with learning difficulties there ages are 36,43 and 50. They do take up a lot of my time but I really dont mind at all. I love the job I do and I am hoping that after I have surgery things can only get better and we can go back to doing things like we used to. They dont moan about not doing certain things all their happiness is spending time with me and the rest of the family and me making sure that I always reassure them that I love them all, they are so very special.

    I often wonder what they will think if I manage to loose a lot of weight how would they feel? unfortunately, only one has limited speech the other two dont have any speech at all I have to go with their facial expressions and not forgetting their cute smiles!

    Just one other thing I wanted to share, I have noticed that since ive been using the CPAP machine my legs are not as wsollen as they used to be, I think its because before using the CPAP machine I hardly ever really laid down in bed I always had 2/3 pillows now since ive started on the cpap I am flat on me back and only really need one pillow if that, surely thats another good sign eh??

    Well thats it for now thanks for reading xxxx

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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