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My Journey so far….(Ms Ellie)

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    Ms Ellie

    Good afternoon all I hope you all missed my postings yesterday, I thought id leave the lappy alone and get out and do some shopping and have a spot of lunch out with my niece.

    This obesity malarky can sometimes make you very lazy and without realising you havent been out for a few days, sitting on here also dosent help as you/I can spend hours not moving and just surfing the net.

    My day started good and I was determined to not let my bulk, aches and pains stop me from going out, plus hubby has been moaning a bit as I never go out much these days! So out came the make-up lippy and my D&G’S….the sun was shining!!!

    Supermarket shopping is a struggle I manage a few aisles and then my back starts to ache so I need to start heading towards the tills to pay for my groceries 9/10 I dont get everything I need. This time I didnt make an issue did what I could and asked for help from my niece, this is something I hate doing especially when its because of my weight I cant do things.

    I slowly but surely hit a few shops, spent a few quid and I was happy.

    To end the day I took my niece out for a spot of lunch in our local harvester, I wanted to be as healthy as possible (a bit late I know) so I had some lovely grilled seabass and veg! Thinking about this now I still fudged up as I had a bowl of salad from the salad bar why o why did I have a ladel full of blue cheese sauce over my salad Huh????? then I had two bread rolls with yes…bloody anchor butter I REALLY HATE ANCHOR BUTTER, but I really like it!!!!! Its just so mouth watering, why ???? didnt I just leave it alone???? this is so my downfall, anyone else have a love hate relationship with anchor???

    Even after the little blip above I had a great day and was feeling more positive yesterday.

    Ciao for now!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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