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My Journey so far….(Ms Ellie)

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    Ms Ellie

    The search is back on…….

    I decided that I wasent going to let this appointment in London with “Barbie” and co get me down, I still wanted to have surgery but didnt want to use this company.

    At the time the fat doctors series was being shown on sky and I had recorded them all, I watched them over and over again (I could preform the op myself now) and I new I wanted to get to have an appointment with this surgeon just a chat and to see what my choices were if there were any.

    I contacted streamline and spoke to Stacy and what a gal she is, a diamond always has got time to help if she can (it was her first day at streamline) and within minutes I had an appointment in Harrow to see the surgeon within 2 days.

    My appointment went well, I was prepared to sacrifice everything for this op and go private.

    After having a good chat with the surgeon he advised me to go via the NHS as I have a very high BMI and would probably would need to have a sleep study etc and that could become very costly going down the private route. I was touched by this suggestion as he said ” I wouldnt be able to sleep at night if I took your money” I new then that this is who I wanted to preform my op (this team). He took it upon himself to apply for funding and wrote to my PCT and my GP.

    My headache has just began…

    I live in Kent, my surgery is in a London borough 2 mins up the road so the wrong PCT was contacted so I had to start again arghhhhh …. how frustrating as it takes time when you are waiting for letters to go to and fro from doctors pct and yourself I wanted my op now! I have no patience unfortunately.

    After a few weeks wait I received the letter from my PCT saying that they would fund my surgery no problem, BUT I need to go to a London Hospital (No way) I want to go to St Richards as they specialise in the super morbidly obese and are (in my opinion) more equipped in dealing with SMO’s.

    I had no choice im changing surgeries (GP) im a no messing girl, im determined now to look after me, and if I want to go to St Richards then I have to go to a GP who will be able to apply for funding for that hospital so I did.

    The only problem with this is that I had forms to fill in then I had to wait about 3 weeks for an appointment to see the registering nurse before I could see the GP, then there was the issue about getting my notes from my previous GP, and my previous GP were so slow and sending the notes over… my stress levels were just going sky high so to treat myself I indulge in some luxury mince pies, it was around christmas time, and why not ave some double Cream too!!!!.

    Eventually I got to see my new GP bless her she didnt know what had hit her, I was a new patient, with a severe weight problem and im armed with all my research info about Bariatric surgery!

    God Bless her, she was so understanding and was typing the letter up for referal whilst I was sitting there and she also got her secretary to do a letter about applying for funding.

    I got my response for funding the week between christmas and new year the comissioner telephoned me and confirmed that funding would be approved and the letter would be in the post yippppppeeeeeee, I was so happy I could have crushed a grape!!!!

    Now im really excited lets celebrate with some choccie, thats what I do when im happy get the Lindor out, god knows why people buy me these chocolates and biscuits for christmas they are lethal and one is never enough!

    By now we are well into the new year and im now stalking the postman and tapping at my watch when he is late! how feckin sad am I? Every time he passed by emty handed I cursed him under my breath the abuse was awful “What a banka” Now its not his fault bless him!!

    Stressed again better have some breakfast get the toaster out and and make hot buttered toast with some marmite!!! so good for you eh???? (NOT) 1, 2, 3 4 slices thats ok I will skip lunch!!!

    I was waiting for the letter with a Chichester postmark on it………. eventually it arrived I was shaking its here……….. stone my feckin crows, the letter tells me that I have to go to my GP and ask to be referred for a sleep study until this is done I cannot attend St Richards and my GP has to refer me again peerrrlllleeeaaaseee noooooo I cant deal with this.

    By this time my sister has casually chatted to her/our GP about surgery and before we new it she got her info pack from St Richards and she is well away (had surgery yesterday). Do I feel jealous…. yes I am jealous but I no way begrudge it, my sister and I are very very close we are together every day we are inseperable!

    My outlook on this is that she is older than me and she is leading the way for me as any older sister would do.

    Back to the sleep study I got an appointment for a sleep study back in March and I am using the CPAP machine the sllep centre have been fantastic as they know how desperate I am and they have offered me cancellation appointments. At my appointment last week I was told that my oxygen levels were good and that my consultant would be sending a report to my gp for hopefully a re referal to St Richards and hopefully this time I pray that I dont get knocked back!!!

    This is it guys so far my journey.. I know I sound as though I moan a lot about having to wait but I am getting desperate and I read so many posts on here where people are dealt with quicker I get down for a while but then I bounce back as I always do…

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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