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My Journey so far….(Ms Ellie)

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    Ms Ellie

    Surgery to be or not to be……

    As you have guessed im Italian I have a little house in Italy which for the past few years ive been going there for 3/4 months, last year the stairs in my house were a struggle especially to reach my bedroom 34 steps, I was reaching the top gasping for breath. Thats it I aint going back there, I cant cope anymore everything is such a blooming chore there now.

    My bruv in law bless him, said to me Ellie! I want you to meet 2 blokes I know, yeah rite… what for??? please I beg you just listen to me he said both these guys have had successful GBS I want you to call the surgeon for a chat, he gave me the number for this surgeon in Italy and I said I would call, but in my own time. NO PRESSURE……..I PROMISE NO PRESSURE BELLA MIA!

    I decided that I would not call that surgeon as I wanted to chat to hubby and Princess back in the UK before I made my descision, and my decision was that I wanted to do as much research as I could, and I did. I wanted surgery here as my support network is better and I have commitments here too.

    I made that call……….to a private clinic in UK (not going to drop any names at all) I got to be honest, I was brickin it, bickin it big time, I paid my fee and went to town with hubby for my appointment.

    Well, well, well I was met by ” Barbie”… the plasctic dolly…follow me she said up we go the bloody stairssssssssss she skipped up the stairs and I puffed and puffed until I reached the top, I managed to say is there a loo??? yeah right there Phew… no more stairs to my horror the loo was so small I could hardly get in!

    I met the man, the surgeon OMG….I felt sooooo uncomfortable, his words were you are a big gal,(NO SHIT SHERLOCK) yes, I will do a sleeve, I am happy to operate in two times, drop your trousers let me see your tummy.. WHATTTTT, please nooooo more I cant stand this, this surgery is risky blah… blah… blah (I understand he has to make me aware of the risks involved) speak to the lady outside (Barbie) Hasta!! That was it.

    By now im in floods of tears and Barbie gave me a Kleenex.. Awwwww how sweet, this may have been my imagination I cannot be sure, but I got the feeling she wanted my decision there and then at this point I wasent sure of anything and no way did I want to sign on her dotted line!!!

    she said she would call me in two days she never did, but the company did call 6 months later to see what I had decided! I wasent rude I just said id changed my mind.

    I decided that I wasent gonna give up and the search was back on…..

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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