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Mini Lent.

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    Toni Russo


    I must admit that I was one of the lucky ones who really coped well with the milk diet.
    4 pints of semi skimmed milk pretty much filled me up most days.. I think I had one jelly on top of that and a few bovril drinks from work.

    I think its important to try to keep busy during the times you might normally eat and avoid the tely as much as possible….. I never realised how many food ads were on between 6 and 10pm…. its a great tease.

    Just try to keep busy, stay focused and know its all to make the operation go easier, your liver is such a soft tissue. All you can do for this week will pay dividends Im sure.
    On top of that its a great morale booster for starting your weight loss.
    It might have you thinking I can do this without surgery, but chances are you really cant…

    Its a week……
    Post Op is for a lifetime , and what a great life it is….

    You can do it guys…… Dont give up.
    Were losers not quitters remember…

    Good Luck

    Buzz xxx

    Buzz Light (in a) Year : – : TOO SLIMFINITY AND BEYOND

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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