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Milk Intolerant – had to change to Liver Shrinkage diet concerns

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    Hi All
    Finally plucked up the courage to have a band, booked consultation, had pre-assessment then guess what ……get a cold/flu. Started the Milk diet and got progressively worse.
    Was prepared to be constipated but never expected the complete opposite! Turns out im intolerant….
    Still taking Anti-biotics for infected synus but things are getting better now im back on solid foods – although I am worried that the difference between milk and this diet is so vast that it will still be ok for the surgery, presuming that they say I can still proceed because of the cold etc.
    Op scheduled for Thursday next week……!?!?!?
    Paula x


    i did low carb instead of milk diet and was fine so ull be ok. xxx


    Hi Paula,
    Not everyone can do the milk diet, please dont beat yourself up about that….
    Antibiotics should knock the cold/flu/ infection into touch….

    Just need for you to be at your fittest for what is major surgery…. I had two cancellations, but never waited long once your in the process…
    If it has to be cancelled temporarily then it is for a reaso. EVERYTHING happens for a reason…

    Good luck, wish you well

    Buzz xx


    You’ll be fine.

    The Hospital I had surgery at favour the Liver shrinking diet,rather than the milk diet and my liver shrank beautifully. I found the diet to be fairly straightforward,although I did have to think carefully about what I could eat. xx

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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