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milk diet starts next tuesday

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    hi all you lovely people, i am getting myself mentally ready to start milk diet next Tuesday, only have to be on it for 7 days..lucky me. best advice would be greatly appreciated, when did you start to take vitamins and which ones did you take, and best place to get them etc thank you Ann x x


    Hi Ann,

    Spread it out sweetheart,
    Find a place for yourself during meal times so as not to think about what you might be missing out on.
    Bovril drinks are for salt content and make a lovely change…

    Sugar free flavorings if you really get bored…..

    Get some sugar free gum and chew profusely… it helps with dental hygiene and helps with hunger pangs if your chewing.

    Above all, count down the days….

    Relax and your be fine…… Thank heavan for cows

    Buzz xxx


    Thank you buzz , x


    Hi Ann,
    OMG It has come round so quickly.
    Best advice….. just embrace the diet and see it as your first tool on this amazing journey. I found having the Bovril drink whilst the family were having dinner best for me and followed with the jelly for pudding if I wanted something. Started taking CENTRIUM (as recommended by the dietician) at start of milk diet. (I get them in Sainsburys)
    Good luck … Keep us updated on your progress and I will see you soon. xx

    Sally Bailey

    Hi Ann

    Ah, the milk diet – I remember it well! I actually love milk so found it quite easy to stick to. I also had my bovril dring at dinner time with jelly for ‘pudding’. The savouryness (just made that word up i think!) of the bovril made it feel more like ‘food’.
    Buzz’s suggestion about chewing gum is brilliant – why didn’t I know you then Buzz?!
    I took Sanatogen Gold vitamins and minerals. I have a pre-pay prescription certificate as I have to take regular meds so get them on prescription. I think any of them are good if you take them regularly. Some are even available in liquid form which is marvellous for after the op.
    Sugar free flavourings stop the boredom like the others said but I loved mine as ‘lattes’. My only advice is to still remember to drink plenty of water.
    So exciting, this stage of the journey. Why not keep a journal?
    all the very best
    Sally x


    Sally I see you are on medication too so did you have to stop any of them for the period around surgery?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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