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    @Kimberly 31788 wrote:

    So just brought my self size 16 swimming costume !!! My son brought a Baratric plate for Mother’s Day , what a gear present x


    I love my plate. use it every day. Did you think this time last year you would be buying a size 16 swimsuit and doing aqua aerobics?! It’s brilliant.

    Doodah x


    It’s so excited , I’m loving aquq . But really it was tom supporting me through the first few sessions.that what so great about this site and the support group , I meet some wonderfully kind people who know what your going through and are genuine loverly . They have supported me through some very low times . Yesterday my children who are all grown up 24 and 26 . Said how great it was to share Mother’s Day with me , last year they didn’t think I was going to be here !!! . But here I am loving life and jumping up an down in a swimming pool . Life is good .


    It’s so poignant to hear what our children say now isn’t it? I didn’t realise how genuinely scared they were for me. Yet other times when we look at old photos they remark on how they sometimes didn’t SEE how ill I was. They must have pushed it all to the back of their minds as it was too awful to think about. For that I am truly sad.

    However, all that is in the past now and we all only ever look forward.

    Doodah x

    ps You are right – there are some utterly fab people both in the support group and here on this fantastic forum. I have been supported so many times I have lost count 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 511 through 513 (of 513 total)
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