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Milk Diet -Salty drinks……

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    Hi All

    In my booklet I have all the details of the milk diet, which Im following religiously….

    But yesterday I ate a teaspoon of marmite…it was ok, but Im considering trying other salty drink alternatives….

    It says Stock cube, OXO, Marmite, Bovril…

    What have you used?….and when it says stock cube…could that be a chicken stock cube, or beef, or vegetable or I have a french onion stock cube- could I do that in hot water…cos it would be similar to a cuppa soup?

    Im not keen on oxo or bovril – but I may see what ones are available to try them….


    ANY stock cube is fine ;-)) x


    Ahhhh brilliant -thanks….but ive bloody just had my marmite as I was going through a moment lol….

    Tomorrow I shall try the stock cube! lol 🙂


    Someone I know even had a fish stock cube – YUK! Each to their own though…


    Eewwww to the fish stock cube!

    Today I tried a Organic french onion stock cube….and wow….in hot water – in a mug – like a cuppa soup….was not bad at all….Much easier and more filling than the marmite…


    I tried the Organic Chicken stock cube tonight in a mug of hot water… was actually nice….and so far no burping or indigestion from it.

    Only thing I didnt like about it, was the luminous colour Yellow it was! lol



    It was oxo beef for me, good job I have always liked oxo beef, it gave me something to look forward to each day on the milk diet.



    I always looked forward to my marmite dring as it felt like ‘real’ food being so savoury – if that makes sense? I never want to ever look at another sugar free jelly, let alone eat one but I still love milk and marmite lol!

    Doodah x

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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