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Milk Diet – 7 days in….

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    Hi All

    I thought some of you might like to know how I’m doing on the milk diet……

    I was incredibly anxious about starting the diet. I couldn’t imagine how anyone could exist on only drinking milk and water, and I thought I might go out of mind with hunger. I’ve tried many diets in the past but none that were so restrictive. But here’s the funny thing, only being able to drink milk is actually quite liberating – you don’t have any decisions to make or calculations to consider, you just drink your milk and absolutely know that everything else is off bounds, easy! and I’ve hardly felt hungry at all!

    The positives – instant relief from my nightly re-flux, Hallelujah!!! And my near constant feeling of being bloated dissipated very quickly too. I’m generally feeling much more comfortable in my body, hard to explain but I’m assuming it’s from not eating rubbish and not over eating – my body is probably in a state of euphoria!

    I’d have to say the only negatives so far (still got another 4 days to go) have been days 3 & 4 when I had a sudden drain of energy and headaches, had another headache today because I failed to drink regularly throughout the day – drinking and paracetamols help . This seems to be a common account for the diet, I think by day 3/4 your body is switching how it normally energizes itself (from Carbs being the body’s No.1 energy of choice to ….well, what ever milk provides!). I can remember the same symptoms on the Atkins diet when the body moved from burning Carbs to burning Fats – so if you’ve done the Atkins diet then you’ll know what to expect.

    Oh, and there’s one other positive I should mention……I lost 9lbs!

    Mara x


    Thanks for this, I’m starting my milk a week tomorrow so good to get a bit of insight onto how I’ll feel. I’m a bit worried that on day one I’m working a 14 hour shift, but may its not day one that will be the issue.

    Well done for the loss bet that makes it worthwhile. Look forward to your next update.


    Hi Mara

    9lbs already?! Brilliant isn’t it?

    I too loved the simplicity of the milk diet. I’m a little bit OCD so it suited me very well!

    It’s so important to keep up the fluids even if you feel like you will be overfilling a milk pail lol!

    Well done and keep at it

    Doodah xx


    Thank you so much for sharing. I am really interested to see how people deal with the pre surgery diet. I know when I start mine I will still be in the office where people eat at their desks and there are always things like biscuits about.

    I think the loss you have had so far is wonderful and I know what you mean about the bloated feeling.

    Good luck with finishing the diet and I look forward to following your journey here.


    I love how we can all share each other’s journeys on here. :-))


    It’s day 13 of the mill and for some reason I feel rubbish, up til now been fine but today I feel so tired and overwhelmed by everything!



    I was the same on the milk diet, I found it very easy and had absolutely no problems at all, I even did it for ten days when I should have only done it for seven, I did suffer from a bit of constipation but other than that it was rally easy.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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