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Milk Diet – part 2

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    Donna O

    Do the surgeons expect you to loose a certain amount of weight on the milk diet ?or is it just about shrinking the liver.Only I am panicking a bit I lost 9 lb in the first 5 days but the past 4 days I have stayed the same I admit I am a scale hopper lol I guess I am worried they will turn me away because they will think I have cheated and hand on my heart I haven’t even had so much as a lick of a lolly or a grain of rice.It’s probably silly of me to think they will send me away. I feel like it’s all too good too be true and it will be taken away from me .


    Hi Donna

    The milk diet is now more commonly referrred to as the liver shrinking diet to avoid such confusion. The main object of it is to shrink the liver, making access to your stomach easier for the surgeon. Weight loss is a very welcome addition to the outcome. Therefore, you need not worry. 9lbs loss is brilliant.

    It is also perfectly normal to have the doubts you seem to be experiencing. I remember it SO well! I waitied for the ‘other shoe to drop’ right up until I drifted off under the anaesthetic!! I’m so excited for you – you are on the cusp of changing your life for the better: FOREVER. It takes hard work and determination but, my goodness, it’s worth it.

    Doodah xx

    ruby tuesday

    Hi Donna, perfect advice from Doodah as ever, so don’t worry, they won’t turn you away! Do give me a ring if you want the clothes I have left, best whilst you are pre-op I would have thought as you will be recovering afterwards. xx


    Donna I lost my weight in the first week too ! And also became disheartened when I stayed the same for days ! It is about your liver shrinking to make the surgery safer and easier . When you in again ?

    Katherine , x x

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    Donna O

    Hi kath I go in on we’d the 14th so not long now ,I did think it was all about shrinking the liver I was just scared they would not do it as I hadn’t lost enough weight .

    ruby tuesday

    I think 9 pound in 9 days is a great loss, when you consider on a normal diet we would expect to loose 2-3pound in a week, so you have done really well! xx


    Keep up the good work Donna we are nearly there now 🙂

    Summer x

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Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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