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    Hi Buzz it The Greenman Pub , Lewes Road, Ringmer it’s on the B2192 don’t know the postcode sorry. Its so easy follow the A27 to Lewes turn left at the southeram roundabout through the cuilfail tunnel turn right follow the road along when you get to a in the road to the right sign posted Ringmer and just keep going until you reach the pub on the left


    Cazz, sorry but I think I mentioned before – now I am back at school I cant do Wednesdays – sorry – I was going to try and squeeze it in but its not going to work tonight at least.
    Would love to meet some people.


    XCazza Huney what a desaster tonight was…….
    Left at 6.15pm heading for the Green man in time for 7.30….
    Everything was fine until I hit 5 miles my side of worthing……
    I dont know what happened but the A27 was shut off (police) at Sompting by the big sotes and we were directed through East Worthing, Lancing and onto Shoreham….
    Two fire brigade lorries rushed to a house in Sompting while we were bumper to bumper….
    I got to shoreham at about 8.30…….
    Sadly I do not have your number so could not phone to let you know I was being delayed…..

    I spent a couple of hours with Dad who lives in shoreham and have just this minute got back in…its 11.03pm….

    I am sorry…. I was desperate to get to your meeting tonight…..

    Another time….. I’m gutted after all the times you have put yourself out making it to hayling…….

    Without eating I am going to take a quick peak on the forum before heading off to bed very disapointed….

    Buzz xx


    Hi Guys yes it’s that time of month again tomorrow night I have got a new lady coming I hope that there maybe a few more new people to the group we have got a nice quite area reserved for us .
    The Greenman
    Lewes Road

    I hope to see lots of new faces.



    What about OLD faces???? LOL

    I am going to try again…… just NO accidents at worthing please…

    Buzz x


    That would be great to see you again fingers crossed.


    Its just not destined to happen is it…
    I have just got home….. dropped the dog off and look at the time….
    I do dispare I really do…..
    A 3hr round trip is just out of the question tonight after the day I have had…

    Sorry Cazza, At least I have some comfort knowing your not alone tonight….
    Well done for persevering, it will pay off I am sure…
    Hope you had a good night.


    Hi Guys
    Oh Buzz one day you will manage to get this way I only had Honey turn up again tonight so we have decided that from January we will move the meeting night to the 1st Thirsday in each mth same venue to see if we can get more than just the 2 of us there thanks honey for another pleasent evening.


    I will get their….
    Honest I will, but otherwise lets try to catch up before Christmas….. Their will be a lot of venues going on I expect….
    Thursday suits me better to be honest…its a no dog pick up day..


    Cazza, can I make a suggestion…..take with a pinch of salt if you like…..
    but personally if there was a group in a pub I wouldnt go, many people feel quite intimidated walking into a pub, perhaps think of somewhere a little quieter like a local hotel lounge/bar.
    Just a suggestion, but I’m sure this maybe the case for many people.



    Hi Cazza,

    I to would also like to come to the group but it is such a long way for me.

    I agree with Stacey about the pub I have just been to my first meeting and it was in a pub which was fine because I went with my husband and now I know who I am looking for I would be happy to go in on my own. But you know how unconfident we all are to start with.

    So my practical suggestions for what they are worth.

    Maybe move to 3rd Thursday in month as the support meetings all seem to be in the first week and maybe people would want somewhere to go later in the month, as a month can be a long time without your mates!

    Also any chance of moving to a slightly more West venue, I know pubs are easy to find but perhaps a hotel would be more suitable and less intimidating for some. Although with Christmas coming up anywhere could be busy.

    Hope thay help as you are putting in the effort but not getting the response you deserve so Thursdays are Good for me and Buzz so you could double the turnout immediately – yay !!!

    Good luck and maybe some others will have suggestions to enable even more of us to get together and support you and your group 🙂


    Happy New year to you all hoping you all had a great Christmas dispite many of us having the flu including me.
    The support grouo restarts for 2011 this week at 7.30pm Wednesday at the Greenman Ringmer
    It would be great to see some new faces I have had a couple of calls of new people joining us I look forward to seeing many more new faces

    Cazza (Carol)


    Hi Guy’s
    Sorry but I am unable to make the meeting on Wednesday due to having to attend another meeting as I know Hunny is away & Jan just only having her op last week which are the regulars, But back to normal in May it would be great to see a few more faces.



    Hi Guys due to a change in my own circumstances and speking to others we are going to move the support group from a Wednesday to a Thursday same time and place. Hopefully we will see a few more new face i’ve had another call from a lady who will be joining us from May.


    sonia kidman

    Hi Cazza
    Where is this group,as I had my bypass done on the 24th of March and would like more people to talk to.


Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 94 total)
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