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mandyl’s Weight Loss Journey

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    Mandy – that’s amazing, you should be sooooo proud of yourself.

    Diane, I really empathise with you. I had the same, lost 7 stone with my band, but have now regained 5 stone in total (2 1/2 with band in and 2 1/2 stone since it was removed a year ago). I am right with you about really enjoying every second of the weight loss this time around! Just wish I wasn’t so worked up about the op!! Not long to go – got my pre-op on Friday, just hope it doesn’t snow…


    Hi SJ
    Have you got far to drive? I am really fed up with the snow. I work as a childminder and every time we get snow our schools close:) Good for the children, Bad for me lol
    Diane x


    I live not too far from Dorking in Surrey, so about an hours drive (on a good day). Do you have a date for your op yet?


    Sadly no date yet, I went to see Mr Slater in November. Funding was given on the 7th December and saw sevim two weeks ago and all was good:). But sadly nothing yet:(
    I don’t even know if I am already on the list yet.
    The thing is my problem with eating is not when I am sad or happy, But when I am worried I want to eat at the time:)
    I am trying not to think too much about it, but I keep getting waves of panic.
    I know as soon as I get a date the panic will be over and I can work towards it:)
    I live in Aylesbury Bucks so sometimes it is only just over 2 hours travel but it has taken me over 5 hours before, so I have to leave really early just in case:)
    Diane x


    I hope it doesn’t snow either…I’ve been on the milk diet since last monday in preparation for my op on Saturday….Not sure I really want to repeat it all!!
    SJ, I’m between Guildford and Camberley so not too far from you.
    Hope you get on ok x


    Diane – have you had your band removed yet or will that be done at same time as bypass? Hopefully you won’t have too long to wait, I think they are getting there with waiting times. I found the wait very hard – just hanging about not knowing was difficult. I hope you hear soon.

    Mrsvinnie – good luck for Saturday! Your new life is soon to begin.



    I found the milk diet made me feel really cold and sometimes a bit dizzy. I lost 5 stone on it…..well I started it in march and did 4 pints of milk for 6 weeks, then 2 pints of milk and a small evening meal until I had the op in July.
    Diane x


    SJ- I still have my band, but it has been empty for over a year now. The band was fitted a little too high, so when ever it was filled it went into spasm and I could no longer swallow my own saliva and it really hurt:(
    Often it was 6 months or so before they would try to fill it again. It left me feeling really let down, it felt like not only the band was deflated I was too. So after 3 years of it I asked to be refered to St Richards.
    Diane x


    My band was fitted high as well, whenever mine was filled I couldn’t swallow liquids etc, let alone eat. Like you I also felt totally deflated, my old hospital were rubbish and all they could suggest was a prescription for Reductil! My GP suggested I seek a second opinion and asked me where I wanted to go, I chose Mr Somers and St Richards – how I wish I had been sent there to begin with. I think my wls experience to date would be a very different story…

    I still pb almost a year after having my band removed, I suppose now I always will.

    I hope you get your date soon…


    Sorry to hear your story, I know just how you feel:(
    I must ask what is pb?
    My Old hospital told me not to be silly and just swallow. (The nurse made me feel it is all in my head)
    The trouble is when I went to have the fuild taken out of the band I was often in hospital days waiting, as they only did it under xray and one have one man that could empty the band:(
    The last time it needed to be emptied was new years eve 2008.
    When I phoned my hospital they told me to come in, but he was on holiday for 5 days, so I would have to stay in and wait. I then decided to go to Oxford John Radcliff, they were lovely and emptied it the next day, saying there was no contrast going past the blockage.
    The thing is it happened so many times and each time they keep you in for fuilds, it was really damaging my job, let alone the pain and acid burning me.
    Diane x


    Mandy thats fantastic……you must be very proud of yourself. A guiding light for the rest of us.


    thanks julie xxx
    just emailed you to apologise. hope ur well xx


    Diane (sorry Mandy, your thread has been hijacked!).

    A pb is a productive burp (not really vomiting as the food comes up pretty much as it went down, usually with bucket loads of mucous).


    Sorry Mandy:)
    S-J that is so funny I have never heard of it being called that
    Diane x


    Hi Diane,

    Until I entered the world of the forum’s I didn’t either, but I gather that pb is the technically correct phrase, and it does sound much better than most other terms used for such an unpleasant thing. So, have you been pb’ing with your band?!


Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 172 total)
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