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mandyl’s Weight Loss Journey

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    firstly im really sorry to be putting this on here but dont have anyone else to turn too cry
    im so down and sad at the moment and im now really struggling to cope.
    im hoping that some is due to me changing my medication? im down from 300 to 75 and from fri will be adding the new ones.
    gp said couple of wks ago that i could cut them in half to go slower but i pressed on as i wanna start the new ones.
    things havent really been going smoothly and its one thing after another,as im sure it is with lots of people.
    i really do try but prob doesnt seem like it. i force myself to do things even if its just housework and do go out. on bike etc as much as i can
    must admit last few days i just dont want to.
    Shaun and i had so much in common but last night i suggested he order with his online shopping some fruit and the response left me in tears.
    i had a bust up with an online friend and they says its sorted etc but it doesnt feel like it,still feel like ive lost them now.:(
    things just keep following the same pattern and surely it must be me? cry cry
    thanks for listening once again.
    ps cala is right it is a thankless task


    Hi Mandy

    Sorry your feeling blue. Thinking of you so take care xx


    Hi Mandy,
    really sorry to hear that you are feeling so sad and I am sending you lots of love and hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



    If only we had a cure for Emotions…. Whoever found it would be a billionaire.
    You have had more than your fair share of disapointment recentley, more than most would handle without cracking.
    Your very vunerable right now which is why its so important for you to realise why your so down on yourself.
    You really should not be so very hard on yourself all the time….

    It breaks my heart when your so hard on yourself when your trying so very hard.

    At the tea party and for a short while after you was a changed person, so possitive, so focused, so happy.
    You need company, you need more than the cat and four walls for company….

    Surely their is something you could finid locally even if it is something charitable just to get you out…
    You would be rewarded tenfold just having human contact…. just to be needed…

    So much has gone on recentley, one thing on top of another things have to change….

    Trying so hard not to shake you…lol…. to show you, you are special…. to see what we see….
    But you cant….

    Please stop blaming yourself for everything….

    Try contacting your brother, see if you cant get away for a few days to get some restbite….
    I know the stresses your facing wont go away, but you need to forget about them for five minutes and take a breather….

    I’m so sad your having such a rough time….. I truley am…

    Buzz xxx


    thankyou very very much,i mean that from the bottom of my heart.
    i know its a drain,oh here she goes again lol.
    buzz, thankyou i really mean that. to have someone say i try hard is a real boost for me cos i honestly do.
    i dont know a better word so ill use habit,my whole life i was told i was to blame/the problem. this being by my mum too which has now got ground in and i dont know how to change it around 🙁
    I cant go to my brothers as he is staying with a friend after splitting with his wife and also i have no one to feed tigger if i left him here.
    dont be sad hopefully i can get there with a little help from you lot xxxx


    me velia and lisa.
    cycled up as my one yr aniversary.
    the flipping place was packed,lisa said blimey amanda your cold was funny as id cycled 8 miles there so was chilly.


    Well done Mandyl.

    It is great to see the positive stuff coming out of all of this. Keep goes you are doing great.



    thanks mandi.
    was really lovely cos she is one person who really cares xx


    Great photo Mandy – Velia is lovely


    was just wondering if anyone would be willing to chat with me?
    feeling low and could do with some friends. Iam also a good listener? sorry if this isnt allowed.
    thanks mandy xx


    Hi Mandy
    you dont seem to be on line now,shame,i would chat with you my love.sorry you having a down when you come back on and i will keep an eye out for you if you still want to chat xx


    Hi Mandyl,

    We are all here for you. As you will be I am sure for us when we are having bad days.

    what’s worrying your or getting you down? Tell us and maybe we can help

    Keep positive, where are you on your journey?



    mandy hope you have a better day today love x


    Hi Mandyl
    Met you at the teaparty and wow don’t you look good. What a wonderful idea for your oppiversary you’re an inspiration to us all. Thanks a million mandyl.
    Do you think I could swim to my oppiversary on 17/04/2011 as I did 64 lengths this week. We could have Buzz standing by with his kayak-just in case.
    Let’s all think of ways we can get to our one year appt. Suthur on his bike. Carol-the- cook on top of a cake now she’s returned to slender.
    You’ve started an amazing thing here Mandyl. Thanks so much everytime I see someone at a support group etc I’ll be thinking of a way for them to come to their oppiversary appt. Let’s have some more ideas come on guys and girls let’s find out how you’d like to arrive.
    Bye Renn


    hi renn
    thankyou thats a lovely thing to say.
    sorry that i cant remember who you were,i have a terrible memory now.
    64 lengths thats fab!,i was swimming in the sea but bit nippy now. not sure i could manage that far mind well done.
    Velia has always really looked after me ill never forget her. xx

Viewing 15 posts - 136 through 150 (of 172 total)
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