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mandyl’s Weight Loss Journey

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    weighed this morning ,two more pounds and ill go under 15 stone. cant believe it . i will have a life again. yay xxx


    thats great news mandyl well done! x


    thanks dave.
    hopefully when i next see my hero ill be there xx


    Well done Mandy. 2010 is your year!!


    thanks julie,it flipping better be x

    Ms Ellie

    well done mandy and congratulations xxxx


    just thought id let you guys know ive now lost 6 stone
    im very shocked as only had op on 22nd october.
    thankyou to everyone who has helped me get this far.x
    hope one day soon ill be proud of myself xx

    Toni Russo

    You should be proud of yourself now! What a spectacular loss Mandy. You are a true inspiration and WLS success story. You go girl!


    Well done!!!!! Go proud!!!!!xx


    That’s fantastic news, I agree with Toni-you should be proud of yourself now, your looking/doing great!! x

    Ms Ellie

    Well done Mandy that is fantastic xxxx


    thanks everyone thats really kind of you all.
    dont think ill ever be proud now but hey. x


    Wow Mandy…you should be so proud you’re obviously doing all the right things!


    thankyou everyone.
    apologies for moody mandy yesterday. had a lovely chat with friend from here and feel so much better xxx


    Bless you:) Being proud of yourself is a hard one, I know, I went from over 22 stone to 14.5 in 8 months and when people said how well I had done and how great I looked, I always replied with
    “I still have a way to go yet”.
    It is very hard to see it in yourself:).
    When we went out to eat, I never looked at the menu first it was always the chairs and would I fit in them or breake them? lol.
    I remember walking past shops and catching my reflection in the window and thinking WOW! that’s me and I don’t look too bad:).
    My band was not fitted at St Richards and sadly I had problems with it and have now gained weight and am back up to 20 stone.
    Funny but now I can look back and I agree with my friends and family I DID LOOK FANTASTIC:).
    I am sure with Guy Slater’s help I will again, but this time will enjoy every second of weight loss:)
    Diane x

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 172 total)
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