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Lunchbox staples and emergency rations!

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    Hi Everyone, last week I found myself stranded, having missed a meal and thanked the Lord that I had a small bag of macademia nuts and a Babybel Light tucked in my handbag. What do the rest of you depend upon when away from home and unsure of the next meal? Bananas are an obvious, a low fat and low sugar cereal bar is another but can we compile a list to help newbies and oldies? They can be shop-bought or made from home ideas. This will also help with my next Thinner Times column, possibly on lunchbox ideas… Carol x


    What a fab idea Carol 🙂 As a newbie I would definitely appreciate this list and, hopefully, as I get further out I will be able to contribute to the list as well … Thank you for starting this off.


    Cereal bars, Nuts & Raisins, Rich tea biscuit, Mini babybel, sometimes a protein drink in a carton


    Great idea Carol. I keep a few crackers in a tiny tupperware pot and a small jar of pate or paste in the car and at work. Again, the babybel lights are a standard fall back for me. Also tend to keep a bag of wotsits in the car too!!!! :nono: I know I shouldn’t, but they are my one weakness, and at least they are baked now! 😉


    monkey girl

    Hi Carol, I use low fat houmous and bread sticks, baby tomatoes and chopped cucumber. I love marmite flavour rice cakes and these come in individual bags like crisps too. I usually have a bag of mixed seeds on the go as well (pumpkin,sunflower and pine nuts). I would love more ideas for packed lunches, especially during the colder months as soup is a bit boring every day.
    It was great to meet you last Saturday


    I’m still trying to phathom out LUNCHBOX STAPLES…. I’ve googled it but nothing comes up???

    On a serious note, it is importnat to have something as a stand by….
    I love my fruity cerial bars ( a tad too much )
    Unfortunatley at the tea party I took the other car (my car that the wife seems to have comendeared)
    So for emergecies I’ll add some to the glove box, just in case.

    Good thinking Carol….


    @Claire 7612 wrote:

    Also tend to keep a bag of wotsits in the car too!!!! :nono: I know I shouldn’t, but they are my one weakness, and at least they are baked now! 😉


    Tut Tut……. Hee Hee


    Brilliant idea – well done Carol.

    I am dairy and nut free so cheese and nuts are going to be a problem for me. So any other ideas would be appreciated.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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