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Lolli’s WLS Babble – part 5

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    Ugggghhhh…adorable people, I shall be away for a few days and wanted to just poke my head in so you know why I have vanished again.

    LOL, you are so not going to believe this but on top of everything else, I have now caught a cold from my son. So am going to just crawl in a corner and sleep until Lolli comes back. It’s only a head ‘summer’ cold but in light of all the other fun I’ve had I am going to listen to my body for once and repair properly.

    Hugs to you all and if I miss anybody going in…good luck my lovelies, it’s a breeze!!! LOL please ignore me for goodness sakes, I swear I am milking it for the drama!!!!!!!!

    Lolli xxx

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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