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    Well, firstly I would like to say a massive hello again to everybody….I have kind of been AWOL since my bypass on May 12th as I have had some fun and games which I shall explain shortly. But have spent ages reading and catching up today and it’s been so fab to see everybody doing well, old and new names just being so supportive and..well..a family.

    Secondly, I just want to take a moment and gush about Chris Pring…nothing short of a life saviour, miracle worker and uber genius. Far be it from me to go over the top, but I have been given the most precious gift ever and I will never be able to thank him enough for what he has done for me!!

    So what happened to me then eh? Well lucky me got my RNY BPS on Wednesday May 12th and as you may of guessed my surgeon was Chris Pring (uber genius). I went down to surgery around 12:30 with the lovely Andrea (nurse/angel/wonderwoman) who as I remember said she had never seen anybody dive through doors in such a hurry and I as good as ran through, no skipped into theatre LOL! The theatre staff and anaesthetists equally as reassuring, supportive and somewhat giggly with me and my speedy leap onto the table….next thing I knew, I was being woken up and welcomed back.

    Back on the ward, and feeling very well and alert quite quickly, nothing was too much trouble for the sweetheart nursing team. Am sure all who have been in and all who are on their way to meet them will feel the same. Their kindness and compassion is rarely found and I want to give them as many virtual hugs as I can for all their help at one of the most exciting and yes a little frightening times of my life.

    So the next day was get back on water day, nice and easy, everything working and so glad to get rid of the plastic pink sponge things!! Next was free fluids…omg that first cup of tea was the best I have ever had in my life I swear! Then on to the thin soup and then on to the puree offerings, which I have to say I was scared to try in case I blew up LOL….but trust me when I say…baby steps, little nibbles, nice and slow and it’s as easy as pie. I didn’t blow up…I have myself one perfectly functioning RNY and it’s doing me proud….although….

    Now then this is where it all got a bit odd for me. After having my catheter removed, attempting to sit back up from that, something in my lower tummy popped badly. Turned out I had an existing hernia behind my belly button and while it had been pushed back, it wanted to come back and play. I spent that evening in a huge amount of pain and I apologise for all the crying I did to my fellow patients but omg it hurt! Anyway, it settled back down and then on Saturday (15th) I got released on good behaviour to come home!

    Everything was plodding along quite nicely until Monday…yep, ouch, back comes the hernia pain and my tummy turned so red and hard. So, called out my GP who made a home visit and gave me some stronger pain killers, some antibiotic to be safe and said he would be back on Weds to check on me. Weds arrived and nothing had really changed…so yep Weds afternoon I found myself in a bed in Queen Alexandra hospital!!! On seeing the consultant I was delighted to hear that it had become incacerated and I was going to be going back into theatre on Thurday morning for a hernia repair , LOL!!!! Oh the fun and joy and yes I am lying I was totally mortified 😉 But bless their hearts, how weird was it telling people that yes, I had an op on my tummy last week so keeping me nil by mouth should be relatively easy!! Haha 😀

    Sadly, this hernia was way to big and they could not do it laprascopically so I have a nice big smiley mouth wound just above my belly button now….and of course as you might have guessed I don’t do things by halfs and a week after the surgery on the hernia…I managed to get myself a small infection in it too, which is now pretty much coming to the end of it’s reign.

    However and here is the best bit and I cannot stop smiling….despite being virtually immobile I have managed to go from 26st 10lb at my pre op appointment on April 30th to 23st 5lb as of this morning and according to my scales….3st 5lb…..47lb gone!!!!! vanished!!!!! departed!!!!! never to terrorise me again!!!….wow, just wow!!! 20lbs of that was the milk diet, 27lb since surgery. I have my 6wk check on Jun 23rd so hopefull now I am active again I can get a little more off to go with it. I am stunned 🙂

    So, one month out, two operations later, a lot of niggles, aches and pains, a whole lot of swearing and laughing too….This has been without a doubt even with all the hiccups THE BEST DECISION EVER!!

    Hugs n squeeze you all!!

    Lolli xx

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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