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Liver Shrinking Diet Starts in 2 Days

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    Hi Everyone, hope you are all well and cheerful. I start my liver shrinking diet on Monday (28 March) ready for my band op on 11 April. OMG – it’s really getting close now!! I’m nervous about the op which I’m having at Musgrove Park Hospital in Taunton, however I’m excited that I will have a precious tool inside me to help me to finally keep my excess weight off this time. I’ve seen on this forum that alot of members follow a milk diet to shrink their livers however at Musgrove Park Hospital we are advised to follow a low-fat, low-carbohydrate diet of approx 800 cals per day. It’s been such alot of work to get to this point I’m glad it is now so finally happening. Is anyone else out there having their op on 11 April? Love Gill xx


    Hi Gill.
    I’m having my op on the 8th April at The Spire in Southampton.
    They give you a choice of the low fat and low carb diet or the milk diet.
    I tried the milk diet for 1 day and could only manage half of what I was suppose
    To drink which is a shame as the milk diet is by far the easier one to do.

    Good luck with your op I’m sure we will catch up afterwards.




    Hi Tracey. Best wishes for your op on the 8th, I’ll be thinking of you. We must get in touch after our ops and swap notes. We too have the option of following a milk diet however we are gently encouraged to follow the low fat/carb one. Great to hear from you. Love Gill xx


    I am having my op (gastric bypass) at Spire Southampton on 7 April.
    I am on day 4 of the low fat & carb diet and i am really struggling with the hunger, i dont feel there is much on the sheet at all!
    I am not sure how i would get on with the milk diet as at least this one has the variety.
    Good luck both of you with the pre-op diets and the op itself.
    It seems we all in the same boat at the moment!
    Best wishes, Jelly45


    HI Tracey, I go in the day before you so we will be in Spire at the same time, Good Luck! Jelly45 (Melanie) x

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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