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Liquid diet!

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    Hey guys so I’m starting my two week liquid diet tomorrow. It’s not the milk one just two soups under 40 cals and one smoothie under 100 cals and water water water haha! Just wondering does anyone have any tips? does it get easier along the way or is it awful? also can you chew gum?
    Thanks 🙂
    Lily x

    miss missy

    oh my that all you can eat in 1 day?i wish you the best of luck with that and keep posting to let us no how your doing.much


    I’m on day 5 post op and I’m starting to eat cottage cheese and jello.. Anything else out there that’s ok to eat??

    Ms Ellie

    hi there Lilly have you not been given a diet sheet from your team??? That dosent seem to be a lot that you can have I would certainly check this out with your team. How long are you on this diet for???

    Ms Ellie

    I’ve re-read your post 2weeks pre op diet wow!!!


    yup that’s whats on my diet sheet unfortunately! they gave me loads of recipes for the 40 cal soups and the 100 cal smoothies. But I doubt it’s going to be enough I can see myself in a state at the end of it haha! I’m half way through day one now and I haven’t had anything to eat yet just drinking. I’m going to see if I can hold out and have my 2 soups together with my smoothie. So I’ll feel someway full. Were allowed jelly but had to have a lot of it a few years ago and can’t stand the texture of it anymore haha. It’s really weird actually I’m not hungry but I’m constantly thinking of food and I’m trying to stop it’s driving me up the wall 😛
    Lily 🙂 x

    Ms Ellie

    Awwwwww sweetcheeks ….. I take it you’re not with the Chichester mob then??? I honestly wish you the very best of luck with this keep us posted.

    Would be nice if you can post this diet plan here just out of interest as each hospital appears to have their own different liver shrinking plans.

    Much love Ellie xxx


    nope I’m from lil ole Ireland mob haha! yup I’ll post the pre op diet plan on here asap! 🙂 I can’t believe I can’t chew gum that sucks! 🙁 only day 2 now I can see this is going to be a struggle! I havent even been hungry which I find hilarious because when I was eating I was always hungry now that I’m not eating I’m not one bit hungry! I’m just constantly visioning food the whole time haha! does the mental hunger ever get easier or wear off a bit? or is it going to be a struggle forever?
    Lily x


    Check your diet sheet for gum Lily. We were allowed to have up to 3 sticks of gum a day on our pre-op diet. xxx


    thanks Claire I did think you were allowed to have gum until someone on here said you can’t because of it not being liquid.
    Lily 🙂 x

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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