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leaky band gutted

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    If going through the battle of weight loss isn’t enough i’ve found that I seem to have a leak in my band which is around a sleeve. I’ve had no restriction for a couple of months ever since I had a defill to go to New York.

    After having a fill when I came back I had no restriction since then 2 further fills nothing.

    so I was referred back to see Shaw Somers who found that I had only 3 mls in it instead of the 7.5 so he refilled again then I was referred for a barium swallow to see where the leak was and to check how much was left in it this time again down to 3mls.

    after having needles in me swallowing this yuck the consultant couldn’t actually locate the leak but we know there is one somewhere as the fluid has vanished twice within a period of 2 weeks.

    Has anyone has this how long did it take to change the port as they think thats all that needs doing? is it possible that when they have had numerous attempts to fill it and you can feel it’s caught the edge of the port could it have damaged it causing a slow leaky pipe.

    The pounds are slowly creeping back I dont want to go back to square one I feel like i’m fighting a losing battle as desperately need to get 2 more stone off before my hernias can be done.



    Hi Cazza,

    Really sorry to hear this. There are lots of reasons why a band could leak, but hopefully they can get you in ASAP to sort it out and get you back on track again. You must be feeling pretty devastated at the moment which is totally understandable. Hope you get sorted soon.



    Thanks SJ yes i’m really disappointed as i’ve only managed to loose 2 stone in the year and when I speak to other banders they have lost 10 stone in that time. I dont think i’m desting to ever be slimmer fitter and getting rid or my aches & pains.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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