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Lapband fills: FAQ

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    Thank you both for your replies. I’m so relieved that we are all going through the same experience as that kinda tells me that maybe this is normal!!!! I made friends with a lady when I was in hospital who had her band fitted the same day as me and she is in the same situation as us.

    Maybe the 3rd fill is the key to it all as we really should feel quite restricted by then and start to lose weight again. When I spoke with my Specialist Nurse at my second band fill she said that as I have already lost alot of weight so I could be going through a plateau stage. (I lost 4 stone pre-op & 12lbs post-op).

    I know the band is working, as when I have lost this amount of weight in the past I have got stuck in a plateau for weeks & weeks and always given up as the constant hunger has got the better of me when I was no longer losing weight. At least with the restriction I now have, I am neither gaining weight or constantly fighting the hunger. Oh misery……the nights I have gone to bed early and miserable just to stop myself from eating in the hope that tomorrow the plateau will have past.

    It’s because of this that I feel close to finding my “sweet spot” and I’m hoping the 3rd fill on 12 July will hit the spot so to speak. I keep on talking myself into feeling optimistic and positive as it’s just so easy to get down in the dumps when we stop losing isn’t it?

    Please post on this thread again when you have had your 3rd fills and let me know how you are getting on. I will be soooooooooo happy to hear from you both again. We’ll get through this together.

    Love Gill xx

    Ms Ellie

    Hang on in there ladies I hope some longer term bandsters will come on here and reassure you all.

    Good luck Ellie x


    Are you all Streamline patients? If so, phone your hospitals to get reassurance. It’s what they are there for!

    Please keep us informed and I hope you start getting the results you want soon

    Doodah x


    Yes I am streamline. I speak to them all the time, so much so I feel like I’m the only one. Anyway I’m seeing my surgeon on Monday, so far he has done both my fills, which were only too weeks ago!! But this is my original appointment for my 1st fill I never cancelled!! I’m also having the barium meal xray on sat! I really hope I find a conclusion soon, as at this rate I wish I had a bypass as I feel this band and money has been a total waste of time.

    What to do? Help! X


    I’m a bypasser so am probably not the best person to talk to but it seems that everything is progressing normally. The band works brilliantly but it is slower than a bypass. Let’s hope you get the reassurance you need over the weekend and on Monday.


    I had my op done April 8th and get my 3rd fill tomorrow- I am finding I have good days and bad days- when I eat breakfast it’s a good eating day and after lunch and at dinner I seem to be able to eat way too much!!! But when I have a shake for breakfast it seems to make the rest of the days meals smaller too… Does that make sense??
    I went through a few weeks of only 100gram losses… Fingers crossed tomorrow is the winner!


    Yes mine has been a tricky journey too but i’ve had lots of support from my hospital. I was banded end Feb and have lost 4 stone which I am very pleased with but I have dieted like mad to do that and don’t feel the band is working properly yet. I have had 4 fills and have 7mls in a 14ml band so I think another 2 mls might do it hopefully.


    Hey Vicky what diet did you do?



    Hi Everyone

    I certainly seem to have opened a can of worms here. It’s obvious from these threads just how different each of our journeys are even though we have the same op.

    I’m not a streamline patient however my hospital are very supportive. I can ring my Specialist Nurse and Dietician at any time. I’m feeling more positive now as I can certainly feel my band working as I am not struggling to keep off the weight I have lost like I used to. I am watching my diet and only eating healthy low fat foods. I just need more of a fill to help me feel satisfied with smaller portions. Roll on 12th July when I have my next hospital appt.

    Thanks to all who have added to this thread, it is helpful to know so many of us are still waiting to hit that “sweet spot” with our band fills. We’ll hang in there together.

    Cheers for now


    I haven’t dieted but I do stick to 3 smallish meals a day and thats my lot. I don’t allow snacks not even healthy ones. Its been hard but the results are showing so I know its worth it and with each fill the band seems to be doing a bit more of the work for me. If I get hungry then I do have a milky coffee or milkshake as I felt the milk diet really filled me up.


    Bands are very individual. The amount in one person’s band can be wildly different to someone else’s. Just 0.1 ml can make the difference between no restriction and restriction. It can take from 1 to many fills to get it right, and this can take up to a year for some. I know one person who never needed a fill at all and lost all her weight, and I also know one lady who had her band filled completely and she still had no restriction! However, this seems to luckily be very rare!

    Do be patient, and never compare yourself to others (very hard I know). Until you reach your sweet spot, any weight lost is really through dieting, so well done! This is a bit of a waiting game, so be patient, ask your team for support when you need it (and on here of course).



    Hello, going in for the “band” in 10 days. Just trying to see if others have had success with this and maybe some tips to help me be successful. If I can avoid some mistakes by learning from yours, I’d love to


    Hey Claire

    I’m a bandster, new to all this and so frustrated. I had 10ml band put in on the 19th April, had 3 fills (Inc barium meal last week). So up to 5.5ml and haven’t lost any weight at all. I obviously have to chew etc. Otherwise things get caught, but I have never been sick. I feel my life is the same as before the band apart from I have to chew more. What to do? I have that slight morning restriction, where drinks are slower yet I feel no restriction and often am hungry.

    I feel as though this has not worked. I just don’t know what to do. I have heard people have dieted etc to make it work.

    Look forward to your thoughts.



    Hi Everyone.
    I started this thread some weeks ago now and I see there are quite a few of us feeling the same way.

    Four more days to my next fill, I’m looking forward to having more restriction. I have neither gained or lost weight since my last band fill so I seem to have the perfect fill to maintain my weight without too much effort at the moment. This is great as I know from this that my band is working but I do still need to lose more weight so hopefully…………… more fill and I’ll start losing again. I’m eating healthily, I just need to eat smaller portions and not feel hungry.

    Roll on 12th July – my next fill date. I feel great by the way. I hope you all feel well.

    Cheers for now – Gill x


    So I saw Shaw on the Monday, he said he was pleased as I had stopped depositing weight! And that the fill with the barium meal is more accurate so to wait for that on the Saturday. However the amount I supposedly had filled previously 5.5ml in a 10ml wasn’t right at the barium meal appointment, as they measured 4.5ml. Any way they put another 1ml in to make it a true 5.5ml, i have slightly more restriction but still the same scenario, NO weight loss. The only loss I have is confidence in the band. I feel so upset, am I the only one who does not have any loss? What to do? Back to diets I reckon. Any suggestions? X

Viewing 15 posts - 61 through 75 (of 180 total)
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